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I chose to visit a Christian church because I was raised in an atheist household with no prior knowledge of any religious faiths. My lack of knowledge on religion was what actually inspired me to take this class and after a few lessons I realized that in order to understand other religions, I should have a firm understanding of Christianity. The Christian church where I did my site visit was actually a Non-Denominational church which I believe was perfect for my first experience in religion because it was already very accepting and open-minded. A Non-Denominational church is one that is able to make their own decisions rather than having to defer to a church organization and for the specific church I went to the only directive was that the …show more content…
Some of the most common and well-known sacred holidays are Good Friday, Ash Wednesday, Easter Sunday, and Christmas Day. Good Friday takes place on the Friday of the week before Easter and commemorates the day that Jesus Christ was crucified. On this day, Christians remember Jesus and his crucifixion by having a late service of prayer and fasting. There is actually an interesting difference between English and German- speaking countries in the meaning of Good Friday because in English it is viewed as the “Holy” Friday but in German it actually means “Mourning” Friday. Another holiday that is commonly known is Ash Wednesday which is the first day of Lent, which usually begins on March 1st, where people give up something that they believe they cannot live without. This holiday promotes humbleness and shows people who they are without their material goods. Easter Sunday is a Christian holiday that celebrates Jesus’s resurrection which is usually done in the form of a festival where families and friends gather together and feast. Easter Sunday will be celebrated on April 16 of this upcoming year. The last most common Christian holiday is Christmas Day, celebrated on December 25 of each year, which is known as the day that Jesus Christ was born. …show more content…
He did this by simply not informing me of any types of religions, even the most major like Christianity or Hinduism. This proved to be an issue when it came to this assignment since I didn’t want to cause any problems or dress inappropriately for the religious places that I wanted to visit. This is why for the first site visit, I decided to go to a Christian church and actually learn about the religion straight from the source with less fear of overstepping boundaries. After the Mass, I felt completely different about myself and others around me which was caused by the amount of acceptance and love I was met with when I went to the church. These people, who were complete strangers to me, opened their arms and embraced me without even asking me about my past or even my current religious beliefs. This impacted me greatly because I could have easily have been a terrible person with a criminal past looking for a break and resorting to religion to find myself and this wouldn’t have stopped the members of the church form befriending me. This visit definitely enhanced my appreciation for the Christian faith because I originally thought that it was a very controlling religion and that it had many restrictions but now I see that its actually very open and that it just depends on the pastors and the church where you worship. This is why I feel

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