John The Baptist Chapter 3 Analysis

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In the begging of chapter three in the Gospel according to Luke the message of John the Baptist is presented. In the first fourteen verses of this chapter, the author tells the story of John the Baptist and what he is intending to do with his ministry. Many come to him to be baptized and with every type of person, John has a message. This message is still appropriate to us in this day and age. He calls us all to “Prepare the way for the Lord”!
Before this passage can be analyzed it is imperative to understand the Gospel of Luke in a general sense. According to Hastings Luke was most likely composed around A.D. 80, ranging from around A.D. 78-93. During this time Christians were still constantly being persecuted by Rome. This can be also inferred from verse 14, as Kinman suggests. Here the author adds in the verse about the soldiers asking what they should do to prepare the way for the lord, which is not included in any other version of this event. Hastings also suggests that this Gospel was originally meant for a specific person as to give “full knowledge in regard to the truth of the accounts given to him in the teaching which had been imparted orally.” It is obvious to see that the author of Luke was trying to set the record straight in regards to the life and teachings of Christ. During this time of Christianity, much of the history of Christ was
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Even though John was speaking to people of ancient Israel, much of what he is saying is applicable to all times. The time is now to “Prepare the way of the Lord.” Like Bock says in his commentary “The best way to prepare is to answer John’s call to repent. One should live in the light of an awareness of God’s coming and judgment.” If people wait until Christ has come again the time to repent will have already passed. Repent and live righteous

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