Eco Friendly Venture Ecourier Case Study

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Eco-friendly venture eCourier
Country’s first-ever online logistic support service provider
Syed Rabius Shams
Youth entrepreneurship is a buzz issue nowadays in Bangladesh. Many students and recent graduates are fervent to found a startup rather than to go job market. This is a fabulous scene of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the country. Aspirants are working to develop Apps, running e-com sites, fintech, edutech, media startup and so forth. Consequently, smooth logistical operations have always considered a strategic role in business. Due to the lack of proper supply chain management system, it could bring hindrance of the venture’s turnover. Accordingly, a strong postal service presence can play a pivotal role ushering the obstacles.
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The venture has also the individual door to door service as well. Not only is the service eCourier green; it is efficient as well as satisfying customers. Apart from its real-time tracking, delivery day, introducing environment-friendly, cell-phone notification, a free Android application, and reasonable price, they also follow up on customers after the product has been achieved due course or not. It has a 24-hour support system to monitoring and to answer any inquiries asked by the customer - via email or helpline. eCourier has been very active in brand promotion through partnering with ‘Uddokta Hat’ since …show more content…
eCourier, would collect from and deliver meat to addresses in Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, Dhanmondi and Uttara on the day of Eid and the day after. This service is a first-of-its-kind in Bangladesh and clinched huge response in this segment. Initially, the service was available in the capital 's five neighborhoods only but it has willing to expand coming years, Biplob expressed. “From our research, we found that most people in other areas of the capital, such as Mirpur, Mohammadpur, Badda or Malibagh leave town for Eid. That 's why we selected those five residential areas for our maiden Eid delivery service,” Biplob said. Depending on the response this year, eCourier will expand its service to other parts of the capital next year. It has also planned to take the service to Chittagong as well, according to

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