Ailuropoda Melanoleucas: The Giant Panda

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Upon walking into a zoo, to the left is a metaled, glassed cage filled with coal- black and white, fluffy, giant pandas. Everything in life seems alright for them, but what about their family members that are in the wild? What about the panda bears that are still out in the wild endangered? Ailuropoda melanoleucas, or commonly known as giant pandas, are rarely found in the wild. East of the Tibetan plateau in South China in a mixed broadleaf forest is home to the giant panda. There are only around 1600 panda bears on the earth right now (Goodall, Maynard, Hudson 169). Mankind is the reason for the endangerment of the giant panda, thus we should work to preserve their life line.
The giant panda was thought to be a white leopard with a small
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(“Wildlife Refuge”)
Requiring hunters to buy a stamp helps with the funds. Putting taxes on arms and ammunition also helps raise money in order to successfully preserve wildlife. Saying that attempting to preserve wildlife is too costly is simply incorrect, because there are numerous amounts of ways that funds can be raised. Funds can be raised through donations, grants, fundraisers, and many more. Therefore, money is not the issue, humanity’s greed and selfishness is the reason that not enough is being done to help keep giant
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Mankind is the reason that panda bears are endangered, so it is just as right to fix the problem by attempting to help reserve them. If they have the resources to preserve them why not do so? Helping save giant panda bears comes down to who someone is as a person. If they are responsible and take responsibility for their actions then that is congenial for pandas, because they will have the drive and determination to save Ailuropoda melanoleucas. Ethics and morals play a role in it as well. For every cause, there is an effect and what goes around comes around. Destroying other species knowingly and not emphasizing or even caring enough to save or aid the species of giant panda bears will eventually come back to haunt humanity. No one likes to have their home taken from them and having to attempt to readapt in a new environment that does not provide all of the necessary foods and the domain that is needed in order to survive. All together animals are fascinating creatures and no one knows what the end result will be or what gain humanity can receive from an animal, so why not try to keep a well-balanced population of a species like the giant panda to accommodate with the greediness of

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