Foster Care Independence Act

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  • Foster Care Independence Act Analysis

    In the time before the enactment of the Foster Care Independence Act of 1999, which addressed the issue of foster children who were aging out of foster care, there were laws that were passed to confront related problems in childcare. One of these laws was the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) of 1985. This was an addition of the section 477 of Title IV-E of the Social Security Act (Children’s Bureau, 1987). The act funded $70 million dollars every year to states. The amount each state received depended on the number of the population of children collecting foster care maintenance payments. These payments fell under the Social Security Act, Title IV-E (Wolf & Black, 2004). These funds help aid this population…

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  • Foster Children In Foster Care

    Here is a main concern that I have with foster children that are still in foster care and they become parents that are still awarded of the state as I was doing my research I found this article very interesting. “The state has numerous responsibilities to children and youth in, and emancipating from, foster care. Ensuring a foster child 's medical welfare is among the most imperative of the state 's obligations. Pregnancy prevention is a unique component of medical welfare and long-term…

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  • Three Little Words Analysis

    was abusive, and her mom is spinning out of control. In nine years, she lived with fourteen different foster homes. As she lives with somewhat loving families-in one case abusive- she starts caving under the pressure of living without her mother, until she finds the perfect family, and she learns how to say those three little words. Two year old Ashley's family was a mess, her biological mother,named Lorraine, having her in her teenage years, her biological father passed away, her…

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  • New Leaf Case Study

    AGENCY INFORMATION New Leaf is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) foster care organization located in Circleville, Oh, since 2003. They serve children and foster care parents in Pickaway, Pike, Ross, Franklin, Fairfield, Delaware and Fayette counties. They have eleven employees of which six hold social work degrees and perform case management services. It is required to have a Social Work licensing to perform case management. The mission statement of this agency is “Putting families with wants and kids…

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  • La Child Guidance Clinic: Case Study

    permanent housing, maximizes empowerment, and independence. As an agency we strive to help the individual’s fully inclusion integrate into the American society. Interventions Hypothesis Full integrations into the American Society…

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  • Dcfs Social Services

    organized across the following four appropriation programs: 1. Administration and Support 2. Prevention and Intervention Services, 3. Community and Family Services, 4. Field Services. Seventy percent of DCFS funding comes from federal sources. The sources include the Social Security Act, Title VI-D: Food Stamps Act of 1977; Temporary assistance for Needy Families(TANF); Refugee Resettlement Act of 1980; Title VI-E for foster care children room and board cost and independent living services;…

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  • Essay On Foster Care Aging Out

    Foster Care: Aging Out Imagine being in foster care in and out of foster homes for as long as you can remember. Maybe even your whole life. And then one day you realize that your 18th birthday is approaching. For most teenagers this is a very exciting day, the day that they become an adult and can no longer be called a child. The day that they can stay out past their city curfew and don’t have to find a way to sneak in the clubs with their friends. But for you, this is the day that you really…

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  • The ECHO Volunteer Experience

    Not until he delved into his past was he able to break away from my original impression of him and the other residents. George grew up in foster care his whole life after being abandoned by his mother and sisters at the age of two. After being released from a juvenile correction center for protecting his foster sister from his foster father, he dedicated his life to joining the Airforce. He was appointed to the prestigious role of being a member of special forces but unfortunately faced injury…

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  • Social Services Thesis

    support services that were provided to them when they were in foster care or when they had a family issues will no longer be accessible to them. These support services include counseling, trauma support classes, physiologist, rehabilitation, etc. In our current system there are no correct support services…

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  • Essay On Foster Youth

    health insurance, and economic independence for future generations. The dream of college graduation is especially one that foster youth wish to obtain. For many foster youth, attending college, getting a degree, and changing ones circumstances, is the key to a better life then the one they had. Unfortunately for those who experience foster care system, the dream of college access is never realized. An estimated 150,000 foster youth complete high school and qualify for college entry each year,…

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