Three Little Words Analysis

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Three Little Words is a biography about Ashley Rhodes, a little girl who was born into an unsafe family. Her father died, her mom's boyfriend was abusive, and her mom is spinning out of control. In nine years, she lived with fourteen different foster homes. As she lives with somewhat loving families-in one case abusive- she starts caving under the pressure of living without her mother, until she finds the perfect family, and she learns how to say those three little words. Two year old Ashley's family was a mess, her biological mother,named Lorraine, having her in her teenage years, her biological father passed away, her brother Tommy being miscarried. Someone even came in her family's RV and through a chair at her when Dusty- her mom's …show more content…
Marjorie Moss would leave all the foster children outside without food or water, and whenever they did something that she didn't like, they either got hot sauce down the throat, squatting punishments, and hit by a spaghetti spoon. Charles Moss, Marjorie's husband, would sit and watch TV and smoke a cigarette and act like nothing was happening. Worst of all, Ashley and multiple other children told the authorities that they were abusive, however, no evidence would come out and they were labled as liars, even by Ashley and Luke's then social worker. Mrs. Moss even took away the Easy Bake Oven and dolls her mother gave her on a recent visit and never gave them back. Eventually, Ashley was moved to another home, but went back for a visit when she said yes to visiting a recent foster family, thinking it was …show more content…
Her favorite staff member was Ms. Sandnes, and her new social worker was Mary Miller. She also won poem competitions and met her future adoptive parents, Gay and Phil Courter. When she first moved in with the Courters, she was a bit skeptical of them. Phil and Gay were both on the older side of the foster parents Ashley normally had. "These people really want me as a daughter?" She thought. Ashley was used to eating grilled cheese sandwiches and burgers and did not have a big expansion of food she liked. Almost everything that Gay cooked she refused to eat. When she was told "I love you" she would not respond. When she was given a kiss by Gay, she would always say "I will never kiss you back!" and Gay would say "That's okay."
Ashley writes about how, in her teenage years, one time she was banned from going to the movies, with her friend and her friend 's boyfriend, so she tried to sneak out to her friend's house by crushing up sleeping pills and putting them in Gay's tea and Phil's wine. Of course, they found out, and Ashley thought she would be sent back to The Children's Home. She also writes that she once got lost on a metro train in New York, and how Phil and Gay were upset at her. She eventually started kissing back on the cheek, and saying "I love you"

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