Two Characters In Bad Haircut By Tom Perrotta

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In Bad Haircut, a collection of ten short stories by Tom Perrotta, the initial appearance of several characters are distinct from each other. Buddy’s initial reaction to each situation varies greatly from the eventual discovery of true condition. Important figures in Buddy’s life, including, the Wiener Man, the Pasco family, and Sharon, helped to influence the matured young man Buddy has developed to be. While the surface appearance of each situation looks convincing, the deeper meaning hiding behind the first impression can be analyzed through the characters’ actions, dialogue, and thoughts.
In "The Wiener Man", the man in the Oscar Mayer costume, also known as Mr. Mike Amalfi, is initially displayed as a heroic figure. However, once Buddy
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When presented to the world, the Pasco family is seen as the ideal and common American household, having “…a family of four, consisting of blue collar husband, a working wife, two kids (girl and boy), and a dog.” (160) However, the underlying and hidden reality of the family 's situation is not broadcasted to the world on Wake up, America! As portrayed to the nation, the attire of the family is “Mrs. Pasco in an apron, Matt and Mr. Pasco in paint-splattered work clothes, Sparky in a red-bandana collar, Jane in her cheerleading outfit, Mike Moretti in a suit and tie.” (176) In reality, however, the appearance of the family disguises the true plights and problems the family is experiencing. Mrs. Pasco is actually working another job, in contrast to acting as a stay-at-home mom. In addition, Matt is emotionally unstable. Mr. Pasco is in the midst of searching for a new job after being laid off, rather than being the blue-collar husband pictured by the world. Furthermore, the family was forced to purchase a pet dog to be seen as the common family, and the daughter Jane, depicted as the joyful cheerleader, “She was in my arms, sobbing fiercely against my shoulder…” (177) showing that she deals with many conflicts on a daily basis, contrasting the idea that she always remains cheerful and positive. (177) Another contradictional view of “The …show more content…
However, as they became acquainted with one another, they gradually formed a tighter bond as their relationship strengthened. When Buddy first saw her, he felt the urge to befriend her, “I was persistent. She was lonely. Within three weeks we were eating together every day.” (182) In one’s first observation of the pair, it would seem as they were bound to become a couple. After the two become closer friends, Buddy tries initiate a relationship and attempts to kiss her, but she refrains from doing so, “I’m sorry, Buddy. I don’t think this is a good idea…I got involved with a friend once before. It was a complete disaster.” (187) Buddy became convinced that “she thought of me more as a brother than a boyfriend.” However, after the prom, Sharon shockingly reveals to Buddy that she is gay, and forced to move to New Jersey because of the torment she and her family were enduring. The idea that Buddy thought Sharon wanted to date him was proven wrong because of her discouragement to become involved with a friend as well as her disclosing that she is gay. The first impression of Sharon onto Buddy completely contrasts from his point of view of her after the events at the prom and the motel occur. However, a sign of Buddy’s maturation, Buddy does not become completely unraveled due to Sharon revealing this fact to him, rather they enjoy the night together as friends and make it a night to

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