Hannah's Depression In Thirteen Reasons Why

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Depression is a main theme in Thirteen Reasons Why. This condition, which “20 percent of teens will experience,” influenced many of the main character’s actions and heavily dictated the plot of the story right up to Hannah Baker’s last decision (Camping). This novel follows an in-depth examination of the chain of events causing Hannah’s depression and observes the repercussions of it.
A major part of Hannah’s depression was caused because she was made to feel worthless by those around her. The first time this occurred was with Justin on the playground. “A rumor based on a kiss ruined a memory that I hoped would be special. A rumor based on a kiss started a reputation that other people believed in and reacted to” (Asher 30). Hannah felt as if her first kiss, the special moment her and Justin had shared together, had been nothing more than an opportunity for him to brag to his friends about what he had done with a girl. She felt she only mattered to him if he could use her as a way to gain praise from his friends. Feelings of worthlessness can often create a higher risk for suicide, and before suicide, depression (Kheriaty). This first encounter with
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It became most obvious after she was sexually assaulted by Bryce. It was the last straw. Her depression, as if it had not been there before, was now inescapable because of, “Bryce Walker, who broke my soul” (Thirteen Reasons Why). Bryce violated her body and her spirit, reducing her to nothing more than an object. Girls who go through sexual abuse will sometimes experience negative symptoms of it throughout their whole life, and so after Bryce, Hannah made the decision to end her life (Springer). She was tired of existing as someone who was not viewed as human, whose thoughts and feelings seemed to not matter. Bryce made her feel not only worthless, but shameful and guilty for something that was in no way her fault, as many victims of sexual assault do

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