The Negative Dangers Of Foster Care: Taking In Children

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Opponents are concerned about the child 's care while being in foster care and they are scared that foster parents are taking in children because of the money they receive from the government, not because they care about the child. According to Patricia George, author of the article ¨Point: The Foster Care System is Flawed and Should be Eliminated¨ states, between the years of 2003 and 2007 in Texas, fourteen children passed away due to abuse by foster parents (3). Stories that include death of a child by a guardian are sure to scare people into questioning the system.
A goal adherents have is to keep this system running because it puts children in a somewhat safer environment. The child may experience what a home is supposed to feel like and may find someone who they can depend upon, even if staying with this family is not permanent. Another goal is to do whatever is needed for the child. If taking the legal guardians parental rights away is necessary then that is what the adherent wants because it would be believed to help the child more than sending him or her back to to the destructive household.
The main goal of
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For a foster parent a negative partaking to foster care can be that the child they are taking in is hard to care for. For the child 's biological family the biggest negative would have to be that the child is taken away from the parent and placed in someone else 's care. Having to explain why the child was taken out of the parents care would be an embarrassment and therefore a negative experience. A negative experience for a child because of foster care is the fact that the child has to be taken away from their only family and then placed with people who they have no clue who they are. Changing schools and homes throughout your childhood and the fears that a child may experience are more negative experiences that the child may

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