Essay On Ethical Issues In Foster Care

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There is a range of ethical issues in this world, from workers compensation to the treatment of others. Social Services tries to ensure that people get the best care that they can, and one of these ways is through Foster Care. Foster Care gives children a home when their homelife becomes unstable. The service is well-intentioned, however there are ethical issues.
Claudia Felder was a child who was raised in the foster care system. She explains how she lived in six foster homes, and only one was non-abusive. The majority of her foster care experience she was able to live with her sister, but that changed when she was 10 years old. She went to a foster home who wished to adopt her sister, but not her, and they were separated. There are 400,000
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This act enforces that the state will use sensible efforts in order to ensure that siblings stay together. The foster parent is supposed to stay connected with the social worker, and biological parents, in order to make certain that the child can go home. There is a checklist for foster homes, and the foster parent must follow this checklist in order to allow a child in their home. Even though there are laws that try to make sure that the child is in a safe zone, there are other laws that can cause chaos. For instance, the state decides when the child should move to another foster home. They try to make sure that each child is able to live with their family, but there are family members who are able to persuade the state. This can be difficult for a moral foster parent, who wishes the children to have a stable home environment. They know how the child was brought up, and wish to change that for them. This is why the social worker has to ensure they are connected with all of the people surrounding the child, and that the child receives the proper care that they need. They also need to confirm that the child will end up in a stable

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