Young Adults In Foster Homes

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AbstractYoung adults in foster care have a distinct teenage life. Every foster kid has a unique story of their journey in foster care. The story of them being placed in a foster care home, the life inside the foster care home, and the life after foster care. Young adults in foster care live a difficult and sad life. Some studies show how their education and life in the system are more complexed then for most young adults. This ethnography, will focus on the life situations of young adults in foster care from the ages thirteen and older. It studies the groups marginalization, ideology, rituals, their artifacts, and their habitat. This study was assembled by observations in a community foster care home. Also by a personal interview with …show more content…
They are placed in a certified home where a foster parent will take charge of them. Foster care is system that helps with the issue that society ignores. Lots of youths in foster care come from unsafe, abusive, neglected, or difficult family situations. These minors have no word on rather they want to be placed in a foster care home, they are practically forced. Young adults in foster homes face harsh situations through their foster home experience. The impact of foster kids is serious and effects every age. However, I will focus specifically in young adults in the foster care system. I studied young adults in foster care through observations and a personal interview, which made me understand the reality of their …show more content…
Making sure they are safe and taken care is important. As a community if a child is seen under any kind of risk, not being looked after properly, or have no one to look after them, the foster care system takes charge. As curl as it may sound for a child to be taken away from their parents or parent it is done for the safety of the child. Going in to foster care is never an easy process, especially for young adults. As a young adult they are aware of what is going on and where they are being placed into. More than half of the time children are placed immediately into a foster care home. However, social workers usually check on teens a couple of times before being put into a foster home. Lots of the times teens also run away from home and are homeless until the state finds them or they go to foster care home themselves. Young adults in foster homes usually wait until they turn eighteen to leave with no hope of adoption. It is very rare for a teen to get adopted. On average young adults are moved at least seven times to different foster homes. Usually due to outrages behavior or not well-equipped foster parents. (Tyler, 2010) In my personal interview with a young girl named Leslie, shared her story of her becoming a foster kid. The young teen was thirteen when she first was placed in a home. She was taken from her alcoholic dad who would abuse her. She shared that she was scared and didn’t want to be taken

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