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Personal Statement As a poor Vietnamese immigrant I started my life in the United States of America with only one dream. I wanted to be a commercial loan office in banking industry. I wanted to be a man who able to support his family, take care of his hard working parent. I care about the economy. I care about the people who pursuing their dreams but to not have the financial for it. I believe University of Washington will prepare me with skills, experiences and knowledge to achieve this dream.

I come from an uneducated family. My parent was working in the factory for twelve hours a day. I did not want to go to school back then. All I wanted to do were playing computer games and hanging out with friends. I did not care one bit about my
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I was a loser. I made my parent ashamed to mention my name to anyone they met. In my culture, parent take pride of how their kids doing in school. It is a tough environment to live in if you are an uneducated one. It is funny how life turned out. At the age of fifteen I had a great opportunity to leave everything in Viet Nam and start a new life in the United States. It was not long before I realize that my life would be wasted if I did not start doing something meaningful in this promise land. I did not want to be like my parent, working in a Chinese restaurant for eleven hours a day and barely have the money to pay bills. A long time apart form those bad friends; video games made me realize education was the only way to improve my life. I began learning English, registering for high school and helping my parent at home with housework. Language barrier was the most difficult problem to overcome. I could not understand a word people around me saying. I got bad grades in the first semester of high school. I was pretty depressed and ready to surrender. However, seeing my parent coming home late at night from work make me angry and desperate to study. I started studying hundred newspaper vocabularies a day, and then used them to talk to my …show more content…
It was a rough year for me. I had to withdraw classes many times because I could not finish them. My parent was legally charged for fifteen thousand dollars for working in a beauty salon without the valid state license. I had to go to court to settle it with the state. I had to take my parent to beauty school, helped them study for the license test, and worked as an American restaurant almost full-time to pay for the fine. While my parent studying for the license test, I was the one had to put food on the table every day and took care of my little brother. Even though, I had to work so hard for the first time in my life, I have no complaint and actually proud of myself for devoted some efforts to the family. After, I helped my parent back on track and they started working again. I put all my effort and attention to school, retook all courses that I withdrew and tried to get an A in all of them. I have prepared myself to become a student of University of Washington, so I took all required business courses to obtain my associated degree in business and administration. I did a lot of jobs shadow with my uncle in his bank, to understand the environment and how loan officers work. I learned a lot of things and like to become a loan officer even more. My ultimate goal is to apply to University of Washington, gain experiences through internship in

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