Personal Narrative: My College Career

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First of all, College was terrifying. No one in my family has even graduated High School, one day you’re graduating college, next day you’re choosing a career based on no information whatsoever. I was Seventeen with no clue of what was college, my life was revolving around friends and being a kid. Not choosing a Life Decision, and like any other kid, I procrastinated. I thought I had more time, to just apply to a university and that’s it. I had no idea what was FAFSA, Student Loans, Placement Tests, and Deadlines. I enjoyed my summer like any other summer. It was the worst choice I’ve ever made.
Therefore, my life was rushed. I applied to a community college, everything was going fine. Until I didn’t had motivation, my entire family didn’t appreciate my major, people I’ve never met thought the same, I started researching my major and no one thought it was a good idea. But I would of love to Major in Philosophy, it just no one supported me. My first semester was a mess trying to figure out what to major in. And it just went downhill from there. When I started my second semester, my parents had planned to move to Oklahoma. They didn’t explain or anything they just decided. I was furious and only had three months left in Los Angeles, so I
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My cousins and friends had really poor grades, I knew grades were important but I thought just to graduate, no one told me that a GPA it was a way to get into a University, everyone failed to teach me, even myself. My mindset in High School was just to not get Fs. Therefore, I aimed towards Cs. The Los Angeles education system is a joke, they just prepare you to pass the Standardized Test so they can have a bigger budget, but they fail to realize why there’s an Education System, to educate. That’s why I would love to go to a University, to actually learn and love my career choice. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”-Confucius, the same goes for your

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