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  • Giftedness Case Study

    In New Zealand the Education Act 1989 states everyone has the same right to education in a state school whether or not they have special educational needs (New Zealand, 2016). This inclusion leads to classrooms with diverse students varying culturally, intellectually, physically, socio-economically and linguistically (Alton-Lee, 2003). This essay will examine giftedness, one area of diversity that is found in all schools, and provide assessment and teaching strategies to help support students from this group in the classroom. There are many definitions of giftedness throughout the world, but no definition that is universally accepted (Ministry of Education, 2012). To further complicate things the Ministry of Education in New Zealand does…

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  • Taylor Swift And Giftedness

    brilliant? If she is gifted, does it come from hard work or from her giftedness in musical abilities? I believe Taylor is gifted, but she must still work hard to become successful. What is Giftedness Giftedness is not simply defined by one characteristic or one specific detail. Many qualities and abilities can be defined as gifted, such as academic strengths, musical abilities, and athletic talents. Taylor Swift, for example, may show talent in her musical skills, but show no giftedness in…

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  • Why Choice Is Important Essay

    ability to do so. Mothers can then become frustrated and disappointed in their children, thus affecting the relationship between the two and consequently the student’s self-concept (Barber & Mueller, 2011). I need to know this as a future teacher because I need to provide for the needs that are not being met at home, whatever those needs may be. If a child is not receiving the emotional support necessary from home, like what happens with many 2e children, then I need to step in and do what I can…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Gifted Children

    in the population of high school dropouts. Thus, one is twice as likely to find a gifted person by sifting through those without a high school diploma than by sifting through those from a random population, even tossing in college graduates and PhD 's. Perhaps that attests to the tortured souls of many of these children. So if something ought to be done, for the sake of gifted children and their innovative potential, then what? A huge weight lifted would be to liberate them from homework (until…

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  • IQ Tests Effectively Measure Intelligence Essay

    of IQ tests and scholastic assessments are in the vicinity of 0.9.” (Shi 970). IQ tests are found in many different forms and are widely used across the world. Although these tests can be found in nearly every field of study, it’s accuracy is widely debated. Scientific Implications of IQ Testing One reason as to why the IQ test’s validity is debated is that many scientists argue that IQ tests do not account for all variables and are thus highly inaccurate. The scientific definition of…

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  • Grounded Interview Theories

    Interview My main reason to learn what participants thinks about the giftedness in early childhood. Therefore, interview is a great tool for me to achieve that goal. The semi structured interview are will be the center of this mini study, since guided interview allows researcher to follow format to utilize with all participants (Litchman, 2013). Even though the participants know the purpose of the interview, I will begin the interview by providing information about (a) why conducting the study,…

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  • Parallel Model Of Gifted Education

    Giftedness is a really huge concept to define. Since the word giftedness came up, there are many different definitions about it. The reason of this, it has many small components in it. Putting all of these small components into one short definition is not easy. The District of Wonder defines gifted children as an individual who identified by professionally qualified persons who, when compared to others of their age, experience, or environment, exhibit capability of high performance in…

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  • Anti-Intellectualism: Why We Hate Smart Kids

    A Great Dislike for Intellectuals “[I]ntellectuals constantly see their efforts trivialized in the rush to lavish compliments elsewhere,” (759). This is a statement from Grant Penrod’s article, Anti-Intellectualism: Why We Hate the Smart Kids, that creates a strong inquiry as to why the problem occurs. His article presents an in-depth exploration of the reasons. Penrod starts off the article by stating that an Arizona high school football team was praised for their championship, but that the…

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  • The Impact Of Leta Hollingworth's Impact On American Society

    Then, Leta started teaching in her hometown while, Harry went to New York to be an assistant professor. Then, Leta moved to New York to be with Harry. Then, Leta and Harry got married in 1908. Since, Leta was a married woman; it was difficult for her to find a job. This led her to continue her education and fight for her rights as a woman ( In 1911, Leta continued her education at the Columbia University as a…

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  • Nonverbal Assessments

    “intelligence is typically the second best predictor across all academic areas” (Worrell, 2013, p. 137). General intelligence, g, represents skills needed to be successful in the school environment. Intelligence tests are a good measure of skills like: reasoning, problem solving, memorization, the ability to acquire knowledge, and adaptation to ones environment (Worrell, 2013, p. 137), all of which are “important aptitudes for academic learning” (Lohman, 2005, p.116) Your general intelligence,…

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