Theory of multiple intelligences

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  • Waterhouse's Multiple Intelligence Theory

    Multiple intelligence, what is it and how do we determine how to measure such a thing? There are many different components that make-up multiple intelligence and there have been several different ways to measure what our multiple intelligence is. When it comes to Lynn Waterhouse she believes that multiple intelligence theory and other theories such as the Mozart Effect and Emotional Intelligence, that these types of theories should not be practiced in a classroom that they have no effect on a child’s capacity to learn and develop new tactics to accessing better knowledge of information taught. Her research has found that the two pathways in the brain that could be evidence of a multiple intelligence theory. The pathways are the System 1 and…

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  • Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory

    In 1983 Dr. Howard Gardner, who is a developmental psychologist, unfolded the theory of multiple intelligences. Such theory is based on eight different levels of intelligence, which include: Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence, Mathematical-Logical Intelligence, Visual-Spatial Intelligence, Intrapersonal Intelligence, Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, and Naturalist Intelligence (Research). It is a proven fact that we all learn at different levels. Schools cannot intend to…

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  • Sternberg's Multiple Intelligence Theories

    Psychologists Howard Gardner and Robert Sternberg have similar theories of intelligence. Sternberg’s Triarchic theory of intelligence has 3 components to it. The first is Analytical or Componential intelligence. “Analytical Intelligence can also be referred to as being book smart. This form of intelligence is more in terms with the traditional definitions of IQ and academic achievement”( In this form of intelligence the more societal way of saying “nerdy” people fall in this…

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  • The Multiple Intelligence Theory: Dunn And Gardner's Theory Of Intelligence

    The multiple intelligence (“MI”) theory created by Howard Gardner, is based on eight different intelligences which reflect a person 's intellectual ability. This model of intelligence challenges other theories such as Alfred Binet’s theory of general intelligence. Binet’s theory focuses on a person 's ability to obtain high-ranking test scores and their overall general cognitive capability (Denig, 2004, 96). The MI theory differs due to the fact that it explores how test scores are not…

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  • Intelligence In Guan Shenghao's Theory Of Multiple Intelligences

    In 1983, Gardiner clarifies the hypothesis of Multiple Intelligences to individuals in his record the structure of discernment. This hypothesis have failed the first meanings of IQ what 's more dispatched a test to customary knowledge test. In his works, he employed a solid number of certainties demonstrate that an individuals ' prosperity does not so much rely on upon the individual single IQ. Gardiner likewise called attention to that the IQ test scores of people are bad, however it doesn 't…

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  • Comparison Of Multiple Intelligence Theory And Triarchic Theory

    Intelligence is a word that can mean vastly different things to different people in the world. Intelligence can range from the classic definition of smart to knowing how to successfully forge priceless pieces of art. A person’s perspective of something, such as a word, comes from their personal experiences and upbringing. This parallels why someone might excel in something and fail in something else, thus giving them different levels of intelligence in one subject over another. According to…

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  • Multiple Intelligences: The Theories Of Howard Gardner

    I had never heard of the theory of multiple intelligences and I had no previous knowledge about Howard Gardner. It was really interesting to learn about him, his life and his theory. I think there is many good points in the theory of multiple intelligences, and I think it was important for me to learn about this theory because it has influenced education and thinking in the United States. Gardner’s theory suggests that the traditional view of intelligence, based on I.Q. testing, is inadequate.…

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  • Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory

    Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory changed the idea of learning drastically. Many people believed you could only learn one way, by listening to a teacher lecture in front of the classroom. Tests like IQ tests determined how smart you were. How can you define intelligence? Howard Gardner defines it as “a biopsychological potential to process information in certain kinds of ways, in order to solve problems or create products that are valued in one or more cultural settings” (Gardner…

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  • Howard Gardner's Theory Of Multiple Intelligences

    well known for his advanced ideas on multiple intelligences, which I will discuss later in the paper. First, I will address his biography and some major life events followed by his contributions. Biographical Information Howard, born on July 11, 1943 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, is a developmental psychologist. He began attending Harvard in 1965 to study law, but after mentoring under Erik Erikson, a famous psychoanalyst, he decided to study developmental psychology instead; he would then go on…

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  • Karen Goodnough's Multiple Intelligence Theory

    In the article written by Karen Goodnough (2001) “Multiple intelligences theory: A framework for personalizing science curricula” it spoke about multiple intelligence (MI) theory and Dave’s experience. At the beginning of the article is discussed the (MI) theory, first proposed in the book, Frame of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner, in this book he addressed how people have different type of intelligence or methods of learning, such intelligence was categorized…

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