Theory of multiple intelligences

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  • Intelligence In Flowers For Algernon

    better ourselves and sometimes it is through intelligence. Many people respect and value opinions of others based on their intelligence and that is why many humans strive for knowledge because they want to become smart and gain that respect that many people view so highly. In the science fiction novel, Flowers for Algernon, by Daniel Keys, A 37 year old man named Charlie Gordon struggles with his learning because he is not of the average intelligence and can’t comprehend things like others do.…

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  • Reflection On The Productivity Environmental Preference Survey

    After completing the Productivity environmental preference survey, I discover that the areas of structure, auditory and time of the day were rated high while areas of light, temperature and does not learn in were rated low. I believe that the areas of structure, auditory and time of the day was rated high because that is who I am; I’m an individual who likes to plan things out and go by that; like having a set schedule and I also consider myself somewhat of an auditory learner, I learn by…

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  • The Four Types Of Interpersonal Intelligences

    social. Among the nine intelligences, I believe I fit interpersonal intelligence the best. What does interpersonal intelligence mean? It means I am “people smart” or as Howard Gardner says, “Interpersonal intelligence is the ability to understand and interact effectively with others. It involves effective verbal and nonverbal communication, the ability to note distinctions among others, sensitivity to the moods and temperaments of others, and the ability to entertain multiple perspectives……

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  • L. M Montgomery Middle School Case Study

    L.M. Montgomery Middle School is located in the Blithe county district. This district has been ranked at 92nd out of 182 districts in the state of Georgia, according to L.M. Montgomery is in the process of becoming a Title 1 school, as about 63% of the students in attendance receive free or reduced lunch. This school is also in the final stages of a renovation, which began during the second half of the previous school year. As a result, the students and teachers are enjoying a…

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  • Gender Differences In Intelligence

    GENDER DIFFERENCES IN INTELLIGENCE AND ITS COMPONENTS: Intelligence refers to mental abilities and varies from person to person. Some psychologists believe it involves only one aspect while others say there are various components of intelligence, so a person may be high in one but low in the other. Then the question arises about whether there are gender differences in intelligence. There is evidence to show that this may be true. This paper discusses the research findings related to this.…

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  • How Do Toys Affect Children

    When walking into a daycare, adults might see a frenzy of children in various stages on the emotional scale with one being endless giggles and a ten being a horrifying mental breakdown. Then more times than not, a few of the kids are covered in very questionable substances. However the parents of these children may overlook the life altering objects that assist their children in developing skills they will find useful throughout their lives. These magical items are commonly known as toys. As…

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  • The Importance Of Intelligence In Flowers For Algernon

    Algernon, supreme devotion to intelligence results in negative consequences such as feeling wretched, loneliness, and losing progress. Charlie gains progress and starts to outthink his peers, but he unexpectedly, is disliked by others because he is becoming so smart. Charlie 's rapid increase of intelligence raises a conflict; he has an emotional fallout and this leads to Alice, his love to leave him. Charlie realizes his regression when he passes through the stages of intelligence, knowing he…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Emotional Intelligence

    reactions in beneficial and encouraging ways refer to Emotional Intelligence. One’s level of emotional intelligence plays a significant role in the outcome of a person’s life; it could either lead one to success or failure. Developing good social skills, proper-self management, strong self-awareness and social awareness is an important factor in developing a high level of emotional intelligence. One’s level of emotional intelligence and intelligence quotient are not greatly related to each…

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  • Student Characteristics Of Mrs. D's Class

    Student Characteristics Depending on the class period that one observes, given that she teaches five class periods and one guided reading period, the students composing Mrs. D’s class can vary significantly. In this particular class period, she has 26 students of varying races and ethnicities, but all 11 to 12 years old. The class is composed of the following students: there are 14 male students (4 African Americans, 2 Asian Americans, 3 Hispanics, and 5 Whites) and 12 female students (3…

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  • Race And Intelligence Theory: A Scientific Controversy

    scientific controversies is the race and intelligence theory. This theory has been debated between scientists since IQ testing started in the early 1900s and still continues to be debated today because scientists have been unable to find enough evidence that proves or disproves this theory. This theory tries to prove whether or not your ethnicity is a factor when it comes to calculating your IQ and whether or not an IQ test is a proper way to test a persons’ intelligence. Some scientists…

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