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  • Therac-25 Radiation Treatment

    The Therac-25 machine was a third-generation machine produced by the company AECL which specialized in manufacturing machines which provided radiation therapy to cancer patients. This machine accomplished this by emitting a beam of electrons or x-rays to the cancerous area. This amount of radiation interferes with the cancerous tissue’s ability to grow by disabling the genetic material in the cell. However, since cancerous cells are not the only cells in the body that grow very quickly, skin and hair cells may also become affected by this radiation by causing the hair to fall out and leave lesions on the skin. Fortunately, these cells are usually able to make a full recovery a while after the radiation treatment is ended. AECL improved upon the Therac-25’s predecessors, Therac-6 and…

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  • The Girl Is Mine Analysis

    Track 2 (“Baby Be Mine”): This song starts with percussion and synthesizer sound effects. The lyrics begin at 0:20. I noticed that the percussion highlighted the second and fourth beats of the measure. The song was a legato sounding pop song that sounded like some of the songs on the top 40 radio stations. Background singers entered at about 0:58; they shocked me because I did not expect something like that in this song. About that time there was an interesting hollow sound that I enjoyed. I was…

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  • Winged Defense Case Study

    under his command. Yet the most poignant aspect of Mitchell’s legacy first materialized five years after his death, on December 7th, 1941. Combined naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan attacked the U.S. fleet stationed at Pearl Harbor at 7:55 A.M., sinking twenty-one ships, destroying nearly two hundred aircraft, and killing 2,400 American servicemen. Mitchell’s original prediction was off by twenty-five minutes. Ten hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese annihilated…

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  • Safety-Critical Inventions

    from doctors not using the machines properly, Chen believes. “You get these people who aren’t very good, who aren’t being watched over,” Chen said. “The robot doesn’t make a bad surgeon a good surgeon. The robot actually enhances what you can do. But if you’re a bad surgeon, you’re still going to be a bad surgeon with a robot.” Another safety-critical system is a radiation therapy for curing cancer, called Therac-25. However, the deaths it caused accelerated the lives it saved. It was a…

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