Safety-Critical Inventions

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In the ancient times people used simple tools to operate and secure their lives, but as the world evolved they have invented improved tools to insure longer and better life. Some of these tools are electricity, water pipe systems and others concern critical issues, such as health and nuclear energy. Inventions such as the defibrillator, heart-lung machines and even robotics, as well as nuclear reactors are also known as safety-critical systems. They are increasingly computer-based systems, but an error in them can be crucial to people’s lives. Safety-critical systems help us save lives as we’ve watched on Grey’s Anatomy. They also help us save the environment through nuclear reactors. Those reactors use nuclear energy instead of fuel and in this way they keep the air and the atmosphere clear. However, there’s always two sides of every story and this is no exception. Technology inventions, …show more content…
As for nuclear reactors, tragedies such as the one in Ukraine and Japan show that the good intention of better life doesn’t necessarily insure it. Another, not as popular critical system is Remote Patient monitoring. Its aim is to make collecting and transmitting health information easier and faster.
Remote Patient monitoring (RPM) has set the goal to make life of the elders, disabled and diseased easier by taking and spreading information about their blood, vital signs, etc., from the comfort of their own home. The Remote Patient monitoring technologically consists of a device, the sensors of which measure physiological parameters, using wireless connections; another component is local data storage, also diagnostic applications; in addition, it can send an alert to the appropriate health institution based

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