Physical Therapy Database Analysis

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The societal issue that our team will address is the accessibility and efficiency of physical therapy by virtue of the increasing demand in this type of service.
Physical therapy, one of the biggest categories of healthcare, has become an essential part of most people 's life, especially for middle aged multitudes and professional athletes. It is not rare to see that numerous people are waiting for one physician 's appointment at the same time, and most of these potential patients are just seeking for medical consulting either before or after the treatment instead of actually ready for treatments.
Healthcare Financial Management Association insists, “the value in health care is defined through the relationship of these two factors: the quality
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The primary use of this application is to let people communicate with the physicians through it; also, the application can routinely ask patients questions in terms of their health condition and monitor these patients ' behavior. If the patients are not behaving appropriately while under the recovery, the application would detect it and alert the users. Besides, the function of the database is to store patients ' information to help the physicians fully understand patients ' situation and assist to improve the interaction between the application and …show more content…
Coding is playing an important role in our project, but the project management might be the most essential element. At the beginning, system request should be developed which incorporates the feasibility analysis, workplan and members’ major responsibilities. Then, a new telehealth system will be formulated base on several existing similar systems. The main business needs of this system, also, should be specified and highlighted in order to be advocated in the future. Accordingly, the architecture and interfaces would be designed based upon all the preparation, and the implementation which includes the final construction and test. One of the highlights of this telehealth system is that it is not only able to benefit the physical therapy system but also the whole health care system. We first tend to focus on only physical therapy, and then generalize this system to fit the whole healthcare system. We believe this system can have a very large scope of

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