Telehealth: The Importance Of Monitoring Blood Pressure

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In most healthcare settings, blood pressure measurements are constantly being taken and reordered and is very important for the patient and healthcare provider. It is important for blood pressure measurement to be accurate because over and under estimating pressures can lead to inappropriate treatments and misdiagnosis. Telehealth comes into play with the use of wearable devices that patients can use to monitor and track blood pressure measurements themselves. Wearable medical devices will provide not only continuous monitoring but track and already healthcare provides if a concern arises. These type of devices will be beneficial to patient who suffer from hypertension and those who have trouble either remembering to check or accurate monitor and record blood pressure measurements.
Background/Problem Statement
Blood Pressure measurements are important to track and monitor because having a high blood pressure – also referred to as hypertension can put an individual at risk for heart disease and lead to other health complications. If high blood pressure goes untreated an individual can increase their chances of having a stroke, heart attack, kidney and sight issues, and even death. The normal range of blood pressure is around 120-139 (systolic) over 80-89 (diastolic). Healthcare providers need accurate readings of your blood pressure to help
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One is that a persons can change simply because of emotions or even diet, which doesn’t give a clear and accurate recording of pressures. The traditional way of recording blood pressure is by using cuffs. With cuffs you have to make sure they fit and the patient must sit still for an accurate reading. Another issue is with certain patients who suffer from hypertension and need to constantly check their pressure. Some patients may forget to check their pressure or have trouble remembering to record it and report it to their healthcare

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