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  • Compare And Contrast Analog And Digital Thermometer

    device. In this case the mercury thermometer and digital thermometer will be compared. The thermometer is a very useful tool used to measure temperature. Without the thermometer we wouldn 't know the temperature outside, tell if our food has been cooked properly, determine if our temperature is to high or to low. There are many applications for the thermometer. In this report the analog version of the thermometer will be carefully examined and explained, the digital version of the thermometer will also be closely examined and explained, then the analog and digital thermometer will be compared and contrasted. The first thermometers were called thermoscopes. They had no…

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  • Informative Essay On My Turkey

    technology to heat your turkey to golden brown perfection. Since there’s no oil, you don’t have to worry about cheating on your diet when you use this machine. However, that doesn’t mean that you miss out on the taste and texture of a fried bird. Infrared heaters not only cook your meat more efficiently, but they leave a nice, crispy skin, so it’s almost like the real thing. Also, you can use dry rubs and seasonings for your meat, which is impossible with an oil fryer. This unit can hold up…

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  • College Admissions Essay: Are You Alright?

    “Are you alright?” my mother usually asks me that question whenever I get sick. Then she would touch my forehead and neck to check if I’m hot. She’d rush to our medicine cabinet and get the mercury thermometer, shakes it, and puts it in between my armpit. After two to three minutes, she’d get it and read what it says. “You’re sick, 39 degree Celsius” Mom said. Since then, I have asked my mother to teach me how to read the thermometer. Whenever there’s a family member who gets sick, it would be…

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  • Blanching Security Test

    relatively mild heat treatment performed to improve the quality of preserved or stored food products. It is used to remove trapped gases from the product, soften the product, fix product color, or inactivate enzymes. It also eliminates or reduces the numbers of relatively heat-sensitive pathogens and spoilage organisms. • Water and steam blanchers: Water and steam blanchers are the most commonly used blanchers in the food processing industry • Time and temperature control: Control of the…

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  • Solar Oven Experiment Essay

    In every experiment there are constraints and requirements. Specifically in our Solar Oven Project we had budget, material, and performance constraints. The inside chamber, where the biscuit is cooked, must have a volume of 1000 cm3. In addition to that, the length of the window and the depth of the inside chamber must be at least 5 cm. The window must also be a square. The inside cooking chamber must be able to easily insert and remove the biscuit and hold the biscuit in place so when the oven…

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  • The Importance Of A Spiritual Thermometer

    The main problem is that there are those who believe that the conscience is a spiritual thermometer. Where one assumes that it can be placed into any situation, and will discreetly reveal the moral temperature—too hot, too cold, or just right. Unfortunately, that is not how our conscience work, it is not a spiritual thermostat. The difference is vivacious. Thermostats don’t define hot or cold. One can state that it reflects one’s definition of hot or cold. It is set by however one wants and that…

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  • The Importance Of Temperature

    When a child is sick, parents are often watchful, especially in taking their child’s temperature. Sometimes, their temperature soars and eventually normalizes, but sometimes it can go up and down, only to go up again. So many parents wonder where the best place to take temperature may be in order to get an accurate reading. But wherever the thermometer is placed, it is important to take the temperature properly and to monitor its pattern throughout the day. Part 1: What Is the Best Place to…

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  • Dr. Moreen Product Review: Digital Blood Pressure

    DIGITAL THERMOMETER Model No. MT-101 • For fast and accurate body temperature measurement, digital thermometer is of great advantage. • DIGITAL THERMOMETER by Dr. Morepen accurately measures the body temperature in a few seconds. This thermometer has hard tip and unbreakable. • It is mercury free which makes it safe to use. • The reading of the temperature displayed is easy to read and it has a dual scale for measurement in Celsius and Fahrenheit. • The results are precise and it has auto…

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  • Elodea Lab

    Materials ● 1 Thermometer ● 1 Digital Timer ● Gas pressure sensor ● Logger Pro ● Vernier computer interface ● Laptop computer ● 2 Ring stands ● 2 utility clamps ● 3 400 ml Glass beakers ● 1 Small plastic shoe container ● 6 Sprigs of Elodea ● 1 Hot plate ● 1 Small plastic pan ● Ice to fill the pan ● DI Water Method First, turn the hot plate on to start the heating process, careful not to touch it after it is on. Power on the computer and connect the gas pressure sensor to the…

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  • Vital Signs Assessment Paper

    temperature, respiration rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, pulse and pain. Various equipment and producers are used when taking vital signs. Temperature There are different routes for taking temperature. Routes include oral, rectal, axillary tympanic and temporal artery. Procedures: Oral & Axillary Supplies needed: electronic thermometer 1. Place probe cover on probe 2. Place probe a. Oral - under base of tongue in either of the sublingual pockets b. Axillary – under patients…

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