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  • Naocrystal Thin Film Transistors Lab Report

    Nanocrystals (NCs) are interesting material, as their electrical and optical properties can be tuned by tuning their size or surface area. They have diverse applications in electrical devices. Nanocrystal thin film transistors (NC TFTs) have been intensively researched, because of their low-temperature processability.1,2 Colloidal NCs are synthesized in a liquid solution containing some stabilizing organic molecules, broadly termed as surfactants, which are bulky and insulating ligands. The individual NCs in the thin film are indeed separated by these ligands, which significantly inhibit the charge transport. One of the simple yet effective ways to enhance the electrical performance of NC TFTs is the ligand exchange approach,2,3 replacing the…

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  • The Thin Blue Line Film Analysis

    Both The Thin Blue Line by Errol Morris and La Jetée by Chris Marker are movies whose diegesis revolves around their respective filmmaker’s unique theories on memory. My argument for this paper is that Morris’ stance on memory paints it out to be a fluid, changing subject and he does so through his use of highly stylized elements of mise-en-scene, sound, and straying from the codes and conventions of documentary-making. Chris Marker, on the other hand, portrays memory as a solid, immobile…

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  • Film: A Synthesis Essay

    pulling it out at a constant speed into an atmosphere containing water vapour. In this atmosphere, hydrolysis and condensation takes place. Finally the films are hardened by a high temperature cycle to form transparent metal oxides. Any hydrolysable compound including halides or nitrates but preferably metallo-organics are suitable for this process. The important control parameters are the viscosity of the solution, the pulling speed and the firing temperature. The rate of heating also needs…

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  • The Death Penalty In The Film The Thin Blue Line

    the advocates of the death penalty believe that the chance of deterrence outweighs the small fraction of an innocent person being executed. On the other hand, abolitionist, like Mandery, assume that the slight chance of an innocent person wrongfully losing their life should be enough cause to put shame to the death penalty and have it abolished. In fact, abolitionists Mandery, Bedau and Radelet, believe that “ This would eliminate the worst of the possible consequences that accrue from wrongful…

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  • Thin Blue Line By Errol Morris: Film Analysis

    The Truth Is Not Always What It Seems “Our need to believe what we want to believe is stronger than our need for the truth.” by Errol Morris from the documentary Thin Blue Line. The truth is ambiguous. In the Thin Blue Line, the truth was so ambiguous that it resulted in the imprisonment of an innocent man. In October of 1976, 28-year-old Randal Adams and his brother were driving from Ohio to California when they arrived in Dallas, Texas. David Harris, a 16-year-old boy, stole his father’s…

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  • My Naked Edge Analysis

    Based off of Folio discussion #1, my Naked Edge is still the same. According to the article, “The Highest Goal: The Secret that Sustains You in Every Moment”, the literal definition of the Naked Edge is the fourth pitch of a rock climb in Eldorado Canyon, Colorado. The fourth pitch of the rock climb is considered to be the hardest part to climb. This means that the fourth pitch is full of challenges and difficulties that you may encounter while climbing the fourth pitch. The metaphorical meaning…

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  • Rob Hall V. Everest: Into Thin Air

    It was a cold dark night in may of 1996 8 people were caught in a blizzard and half died on the mountain during summit attempts. Only half of the team made it out alive. The colder it got the worse it got for the worse it got for the people on top of the mountain on that night. The weather on the Mount Everest started off well. Within the space of five minutes, it changed from really a good day with a little bit of winde to desperate conditions. It was horrible, with winds up to 80 miles…

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  • Mount Everest Case Summary

    Brief Summary of Issues The level of Mount Everest from the sea is about 8,850 feet. This is also termed as the tallest mountain on the planet. The mountain has taken the lives of 148 people until 1996. There were two groups known as Mountain Madness and Adventure Consultants led by Scott Fischer and Rob Hall respectively that joined aspiring to reach the summit. There was high risks involves in the journey that can turn the joys in tragedy (Amer, 2015). This case elaborates the issues of Mount…

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  • Touching The Void Film Analysis

    NAME OF THE FILM: TOUCHING THE VOID. DIRECTOR: KELVIN MACDONALD YEAR: 2003 This documentary talks more about climbers. To start with, the journey started as a routine climb for two professional mountain climbers, but was quickly transformed into a disastrous ordeal that tested both climbers’ strength and mental fortitude. Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald created a documentary film touching the Void, which is based on a book written by Joe Simpson recapping the events of this historic…

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  • How To Mount Everest Essay

    Mount Everest Imagine: You are on Mount Everest, Nepal. You are hanging over what looks like a never ending abyss after falling through the treacherous paper thin ice covering the drop into the chasm were no light can penetrate. You were saved by knowing the terrain and weather patterns of Mount Everest, the immense amounts of snow, the wind, hidden chasms, ice everywhere, and etc. You made tools and clothes to keep you from falling off from ice and up to 175 mile per hour wind speeds…

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