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  • Thin Blue Line By Errol Morris: Film Analysis

    The Truth Is Not Always What It Seems “Our need to believe what we want to believe is stronger than our need for the truth.” by Errol Morris from the documentary Thin Blue Line. The truth is ambiguous. In the Thin Blue Line, the truth was so ambiguous that it resulted in the imprisonment of an innocent man. In October of 1976, 28-year-old Randal Adams and his brother were driving from Ohio to California when they arrived in Dallas, Texas. David Harris, a 16-year-old boy, stole his father’s pistol and shotgun and his neighbor’s car. He ran away from home and drove to Dallas, Texas. It was Thanksgiving weekend, November 28, 1976; Randall was driving back to his motel room from work, after discovering no one was there, when his car ran out of gas. He was walking up the road when David happened to drive by and offered him a ride. That evening, Randall and David had some beer, smoked marijuana, and went to the movies around 7:00 pm. They caught the end of one movie and watched half of the next. Randall was not interested in…

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  • Errol Morris Will The Real Hooded Man Please Stand Up?

    Media, in the forms of photography, film, and writing are similar in that they often reveal a particular message, or comment on a societal aspect. For some, these messages may be underlying, while in others, they are evident and transparent. This idea helps distinguishes differences in media. Photography is widely open for interpretation. In the case of Errol Morris’ “Will the Real Hooded Man Please Stand Up?” the lack of context and textual clues make it hard to discern what was true or what…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Frozen Vs Tangled

    Do you want to build a snowman? Who could not know this catchy song? Frozen is one of the best Disney movies in the world. Every little fan girl could sing you every song or even be able to say some of their favorite parts of their characters, as well even know the movie word by word, and agree that Frozen is a much better movie then tangled. Tangled may have been a great movie was well, but every Disney movie always has that villain with the same plot also with the same characteristics, and the…

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  • Dracula Comparison Essay

    In his 1897 gothic novel, Dracula, Bram Stoker defined the modern form of the vampire. His character, Dracula remained popular through the ages, being one of the most popular adaptation source in history. Dracula has created an extraordinary vampire subculture, and an enormous amount of films have been made that feature Count Dracula as it’s main antagonist, or protagonist. However, most adaptations do not include the major characters from the novel, focusing only on the now traditional…

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  • Differences Between Mina And Dracula

    Besides Lucy, the most significant difference in Bram Stoker’s Dracula the movie was probably Mina. Although she becomes one of the main characters in both the book and the film, she plays a more prominent role in the movie. In the film, she had many of the same traits and characteristics that she did in the book, but in the film, she is also the reincarnation of Elisabeta, Dracula’s first wife who committed suicide. This eventually leads to Mina falling in love with Dracula, even though she…

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  • Geraldine In Carmilla

    Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu - Carmilla Laura, the narrator in Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s novella Carmilla, fits into the appearance of a typical female victim in vampire literature. Long before she meets the titular character, she had a dream or rather a nightmare about a woman bearing a striking resemblance to Carmilla, who sang her fangs into the maiden’s body. Despite the fear, she helps the woman after the accident and invites her in. Laura easily and without much thought happens to trust…

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  • Gothic Elements In Bram Stoker's Dracula

    England and starts feeding on Lucy. The doctors are unable to save her despite several of blood transfusions. By feeding her blood directly from himself Dracula transforms Lucy. Suddenly, Dracula attacks Mina (the wife of Jonathan Harker) and forces her to drink his blood to control her. The blood connection allows Mina to consider the mind of Dracula. There is no other way out, but to kill Dracula before Mina turns into a vampire like Lucy did. Quickly, Dracula finds out what they are up to,…

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  • The Desire For Power In Bram Stoker's Dracula

    namesake, Abraham, was the patriarch of the Israelites, Abraham Van Helsing is the self-established leader of the vampire hunters, and he provides the others with moral inspiration to defeat the vampiric reign of terror. By the end of the novel, the other characters, such as Mina and Jonathan Harker, have come to incorporate aspects of Catholicism into their own lives, if not have symbolically converted. For example, the events surrounding Quincey Morris’ death serves as an allusion to Jesus…

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  • Theme Of Motifs In Dracula

    Seward, Arthur, and Quincey Morris race into Mina and Jonathan’s room. When they go into the room they see Dracula forcing Mina to drink his blood. When Dracula noticed them he went to attack them but stopped when Van Helsing held up some sacred wafers toward him. Dracula then summoned a black cloud to hide the moonlight, as soon as the moonlight was hidden he disappeared. Mina then realized what happened and started to scream. Van Helsing woke Jonathan up so he could comfort Mina. Mina was very…

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  • Fanatic Descriptions Of Characters In Dracula By Bram Stoker

    Dracula Stoker’s “Dracula” employs fanatic descriptions of the various settings that went from London to Transylvania and other parts of Romania. Stoker was extreme to describe the countless and ironic mysteries that unfolded. Stoker delivers extreme details between the vibrant characters. Stoker’s theme seems to demonstrate a real world caught between horror, friendship, love and death. Stoker tells his story with vividly loaded deep aspiration. The most troubling and dramatically described…

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