Persuasive Essay On Frozen Vs Tangled

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Do you want to build a snowman? Who could not know this catchy song? Frozen is one of the best Disney movies in the world. Every little fan girl could sing you every song or even be able to say some of their favorite parts of their characters, as well even know the movie word by word, and agree that Frozen is a much better movie then tangled. Tangled may have been a great movie was well, but every Disney movie always has that villain with the same plot also with the same characteristics, and the villain is always a female.
To begin with during the movie a villain is never shown or even mentioned, and you never think there would even be once since Ana and Elsa were fighting about marriage and how Ana felt alone. As well this is where Elsa has
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Both had asked Elsa if they could have Elsa’s blessing but in return Elsa tells her no and how could she get married to somebody that she doesn’t know, and she doesn’t even know what true love is. The only reason why Ana wants to get married because she feels alone and she believes that Hans and Ana are the same and that he would complete her and that they feel the same about one another, but little does Ana know the true reasons why Elsa has always blocked her. Ana has no idea that she would cause so much tension between her and Elsa she only believed that Elsa was over reacting.
Besides that the whole plot is different, so is the music and the animals that are used as sidekicks. For frozen it’s more of Elsa letting go of her fear as she believes she doesn’t care that people see her and that she is okay being alone and different. As well there are songs that are so positive and catchy. In frozen there is a character named Olaf where he is so positive and sees the good in people and how he is so giggly. In tangled Flynn doesn’t have a sidekick at the end there is the horse that first tries to get him. Rapunzel had a chameleon, were he doesn’t do much but just take care of

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