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  • Distributed Practice Vs Massed Practice Essay

    behavior annalists have lived with the controversy of whether Distributed practice or Massed practice produces better learning. Many discoveries about the mind from cognitive scientist prove that there are certain techniques that improve the memory more than others. A group of rookie scientists decided to ask Dr. Sean Kang which is an assistant Professor and also Director of “Cognition and Education Lab located at Dartmouth College, about which is the most effective technique for teachers to use with their students to learn something well. Without any hesitation, he explained how Distributed practice over Massed practice has been proven to be the most efficient strategy that can produce durable learning experiences and retention to the working memory. Many experiments have been conducted by scientists with proving results that Distributed practice in fact, produces better learning in any individual no matter the age and also to any trainable animal. On the other hand, massed practice, even though is effective in some individuals, has not been proven to be as successful in helping the working memory retain the information learned as Distributed practice has. Distributed practice, also known as Spacing Practice, uses strategies that help the…

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  • Applied Behavior Analysis Theory

    difficulties in language and communication skills in autism affect cognitive and social development (Kurt, 2011). Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is used to increase behavior in the areas of imitation, receptive and expressive language, gross and fine motor skills, tantrums, aggression, and vocal and motor stereotypic behavior ((MacDonald,2014). As a result, there is a strong need for young children to start receiving Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). Furthermore, ABA is the systematic…

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  • Solving The Common Core Equation: Teaching Mathematics

    Time delay is a response prompting procedure with low error rates that fades prompting to ensure students learning do not become prompt dependent. Time delay can be used for academics, language and communication, social skills, motor skills, and play skills. It is effective for students in preschool to high school, it can be used in or out of the classroom, and it is cost effective and easy to implement. The EBP discusses the two different, but very similar types of TD, which are Constant…

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  • Intellectual Disability Research Paper

    In a study using the Accessible Literacy Learning curriculum all words are read to the student and the student then answers questions by either touching the picture on their device, sign, or by pointing (Ahlgrim-Delzell, Browder, & Wood, 2014). This use of augmentative communication device (ACC) is both functional and academic due to the fact that speech is removed from the equation makes learning to use ACC a functional skill and learning phonics is an academic skill. In study by Ḉelik and…

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  • Annotated Bibliography Math

    Bulloch, K. (n.d.). How to adapt your teaching strategies to student needs . Reading Rockets, Retrieved from In this article Bulloch discussed the importance of modifying lessons to accommodate all learners in your classroom. She explained and gave specific details of the different ways that you could help learners. Several categories that she listed included if students have difficulty learning by listening, difficulty expressing themselves verbally,…

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  • Reflection Paper About Becoming A Teacher

    I feel that these are especially important being that I am new to the profession. Learning about ways that have been tried and true will give me the confidence to lead my class one day. In learning about teaching styles, I was able to assess what I already knew, and also learn about other ways that I can engage my students. This lesson is vital when it comes to preparing meaningful lessons using various methodologies. I enjoyed the visuals of the graphic organizers and feel that these can be…

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  • On The Education Of Children Montaigne Analysis

    is today’s modern style of educating children changed for the better since Montaigne was alive? During Montaigne’s days education focused heavy on rhetoric on learning to speak a certain or remember a fact only to be able to show off that you remembered it. For example “but not in the fashion of our French nobles, simply to report on the length of Pantheon, or the sumptuousness of Signora Livia’s drawers” (Frampton pg. 138). Montaigne’s idea on education though was that everything the student…

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  • Importance Of Being An Investment Banker

    I learned that being a visual leaner, there are many ways that I could use to improve my academic performance. I think the Research Note Cards will be the one that I can use to shorten the time on a paper and improve the quality of the paper. I always wasted hours of time finding resources that are not helpful and might repeating. But this method could help me select them more efficiently. This also could improve my GPA by gaining me more time that I can spend more other assignments. I should…

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  • The Importance Of Science In Early Childhood Education

    vocabulary. Finally during the purposeful play phase, the teacher entered the play center and engaged with the children. One day she would encouraged the children to use the puppet animals and some of materials that were in the center. She guided the children as they used some of the items and asked questions to access their knowledge of the materials. During the second day of this phase, the teacher added some bandages and swapped out the puppets for stuffed animals. She would ask open ended…

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  • The Importance Of Technology On Students

    of society. Many people have cell phones. Many schools are required to have computers. New technologies are going to keep coming up and consistently as educators we are told to continually learn about the new types of learning technologies that are coming out. Therefore, I was wondering about how much of a difference technology can impact a student’s learning. One researcher from Walden University, wrote a research article called, “Hypermedia and Vocabulary Acquisition for Second Language”. This…

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