Errors and Expectations

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  • Mina Shaughnessy Diving In

    These principles included assuming all students are capable of learning, engage students in student-centered work, address “higher order” issues alongside “lower-ordered” issues, integrate academic writing and reading instruction, and embrace the conflict between what they already know and what they need to learn (21). Mutnick and Lamos suggest that there are four major basic writer pedagogical approaches that go with theoretical changes since its conception. One of the four approaches is error centered, which is based on Shaughnessy’s theory of the logic of errors. They focus on the student’s errors he/she produces, view Standard Written English as “normative and neutral rather than ideological and culturally biased” and are still used to help students learn grammar conventions (22). Secondly, Academic-initiation approaches integrate reading and writing, hold basic writer students to the same expectations as “regular” students, defined by discourse theories rather than cognitive view of error, have a three-step process of comprehension, interpretation, and application, and Bartholomae’s theory of academic socialization underlies these approaches. Thirdly, critical approaches focus on “reforming unjust relations of power and privilege”, view the basic writer as having been “marginalized by mainstream societal exclusions and inequities with respect to race, class, gender, sexuality, language, and culture” (25).…

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  • Common Errors In Snap Judgment

    There are several errors in judgment that individuals make on a day to day basis. Everyone is guilty of making these errors regardless of their background, education, and life experiences. The common errors of judgment found in humans that I chose are Snap Judgment, Projection, and Sweeping Generalizations (Bethel University, 2013). Snap Judgment is a common error that I recognize or experience probably most often. An example would be the cop shootings on “innocent citizens”. The media and…

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  • What Made Me Lazyd

    dedicated, and focused on the tasks each drill presented. I was anything but lazy. My definition of lazy was certainly classified into the category of undesirable characteristics. It described someone who was uninvolved, and lacked passion. Reflecting my personality, I have always been the type of person to prove others wrong. I insist on pursuing specific feats that others are condescending of. When I step up to perform, I not only meet their high expectations but am fitting for the task…

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  • Elodea Lab Report

    The results from the experiment generally show the trials with full light intensity to have produced more oxygen, showing the elodea samples to have photosynthesised more than the lower light intensity trials. Trials 1 and 2 were in water bath 1 with full light intensity, whereas Trials 3 and 4 were in water bath 2, with lower light intensity. Experimental error caused the trials with the lower light intensity to be disrupted, and no data was collected for these trials on Day 8 of the…

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  • Outline Performance Expectations

    This memorandum is to outline my performance expectations for you. As we discussed in our recent meeting, it’s essential that you demonstrate the ability to meet the expectations as an Office Assistant II. You are a valued employee and your work performance is an essential part of the success of the Division. It is critical that you understand and adhere to my expectations in order to maximize your effectiveness, productivity, and seamless transition of assignments. The following are my…

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  • Analysis Of Rubashov's Darkness At Noon

    The ability to determine fact from fiction is one that is relegated to those who hold the power, especially within a communist nation. Throughout Darkness at Noon, Rubashov demonstrates the Party’s inability to make mistakes, a trait that also existed throughout the Soviet Union during the communist rule. The Party holds complete control over the people who believe in its cause and a members of the organization, whatever the Party says is what is accepted. By being in control of so many people…

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  • Private Education In Pakistan Case Study

    the benefits of educational attainment on a country’s productivity are well established, and in many developing countries, private schools cost less per pupil than their public school counterparts do. (AKKZ use a dataset on elementary school students from Pakistan, but the effects of private schooling in Pakistan may mirror those in other developing countries as well. ) If private schools can improve educational outcomes while costing less, perhaps governments should encourage their growth…

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  • Medication Administration Error

    one medication administration error per day (Koppel, Wetterneck, & Telles, 2008; Richardson, Bromirski, & Hayden, 2012). Medications errors usually end up extending patient stays by 1.74 days and cost the health care system billions of dollars each year (Koppel et al., 2008; Van Onzenoort et al., 2008). Most ADEs occur due to a deviation from the five rights of medication (right drug, right time, right patient, right dose and right route) (Young, Slebodnik, & Sands, 2010). The purpose of this…

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  • Mistakes In Lewis Blackman's Essay On Criticism '

    Often times, mistakes are a combination of numerous occurrence that combine to make the perfect storm. I believe that Lewis Blackman’s Story is one such occurrence. However, it was not just the actual mistakes that made this case noteworthy. Mistakes are a human manifestation. As Alexander Pope wrote in “an Essay on Criticism”, to err is human, to forgive is divine. In Lewis’s story, I think an apology, in the great sense, would have gone a long way. Medical errors are now the third leading…

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  • Human Error In Aviation

    In today’s aviation world, aircraft are designed with multiple systems to aid aircrew with all aspects of flight; however, the only factor that aircraft manufacturers can’t eliminate is the integration of human error. “Human errors represent the mental or physical activities of individuals that fail to achieve their intended outcome”*. In order to properly predict human error factors we must first understand some factors that make up human error, such as “fatigue” and “situational stress”.…

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