Christmas With Grandfather Ruchira In Analysis

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Humans are curious by nature. Whenever a person comes across something new, whether it being an idea or a physical object, their curiosity grows. When a person’s interest for a certain objective grows, many things can come from this. The biggest thing a person can do about their curiosity is changing their decisions or actions. A person can decide to change their actions into discovering more about their interests. Another way a person can have curiosity is through mistakes. If a person ever makes a major mistake that could change the way they live, they constantly question if life would be different if that mistake never happened. Curiosity is especially evident in “Christmas with Grandfather” and “The Unknown Errors of Our Lives” by Chitra …show more content…
Both the grandfather in “Christmas with Grandfather” and Ruchira in “The Unknown Errors of Our Lives” wonder why certain events are happening in the character’s lives. The narrator and her grandfather would always take a trip to a local candy shop around Christmas time. The narrator wondered why their family celebrated Christmas if they are Hindus. Generally, people tend to focus on only one religion without practicing a combination of them. This confuses the narrator’s grandfather into wondering why they practice a Christian tradition although they are Hindu. “I knew he was a devout Hindu, and though not a templegoer, he meditated in his room and read from the Bhagavad Gita every morning. Had I committed a terrible faux pas by asking him about the birthday of a foreign god he did not believe in?” (Divakaruni 2). This quote represents the confusion of the narrator’s grandfather. The little girl's questions forced her grandfather into deep thought. He was very curious to why his religion practiced the birthday of a god they did not believe in.
Main characters are also shown questioning society in “The Unknown Errors of Our Lives” by Divakaruni. In this story, Ruchira and Biren are two lovers that are planning to start a life together and get married. They are planning their marriage when Ruchira asks herself

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