The Theme Of Love, Lust And Love In Bram Stoker's Dracula

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Dracula – Lucy’s case
An old saying goes like this: Opposites attract each other. Often it refers to two completely different people finding each other falling in love. In this context, it refers to the main theme of the Bram Stokers novel Dracula from the late 19th century. Love, lust and horror frame the world-known book Dracula, which is about the evil Count Dracula travelling his way to London, England, turning young, beautiful women into vampires and allure them back to Transylvania in the now-existing Romania.
The novel Dracula is written by Bram Stoker in 1897 during the Victorian era. The genre is Gothic fiction due to the combination of horror, lust and love. The novel presents several Gothic devices, which frame the literary work.
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John Seward’s diary from 7th of September is about Dr. Van Helsing examining Lucy due to her illness. Quickly, he concludes that she needs a blood transfusion and Dr. John Seward voluntarily chooses himself to be the blood donor because he is much younger than Van Helsing. Out of nowhere, Lucy’s fiancé, whose name is Arthur Holmwood, shows up ending with fulfilling the blood transfusion. Shortly after the blood transfusion, Lucy looks better, but Dr. Van Helsing discovers the two, red marks at her throat, which he finds disturbing. Dr. John Seward stays with Lucy all night to watch over her. The two red marks indicate her vampire transformation, which is a Gothic device creating supernatural and mysterious behavior.
In Lucy’s diary, she describes the pain she is feeling, and how she feels after the blood transfusion. She also feels safe, when Dr. John Seward is next to her protecting her while being in the room next door. In the diary, she describes her hate to garlic.
20th of September, Dr. John Seward finds out that Lucy’s teeth look different from what they normal do. His conclusion is that she is getting worse and soon will die. The two red marks on her throat are gone, which Dr. John Seward finds worrying and ominous. This inexplicable disappearing is a Gothic device creating suspense and oddity. Dr. Van Helsing identifies vampire-tendencies but keeps them to himself. Lucy stops breathing and Dr. Van Helsing pronounces her
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Love is shown in the way Lucy’s fiancé is willing to transfer his blood into her veins, but also in the way, the doctor is watching over her making her feel safe. Horror is shown in the way Count Dracula is turning Lucy into a vampire and later tries to turn Mina Murray. Other dichotomies could be Dr. John Seward and Dr. Van Helsing. Although they work closely together they portray science and religion. Dr. John Seward is religious which is shown in one of the first quotes stating in the text: “All men are mad in some way or the other; and inasmuch as you deal discreetly with your madmen, so deal with God’s madmen, too—the rest of the world.” Dr. Van Helsing is portraying science as he has a big medically knowledge and quickly concludes that Lucy acute needs a blood transfusion or she will

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