Bram Stoker Background

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Not many people know of Bram Stoker but they sure do know about his works. Bram Stoker was born in Dublin Ireland, he was born on November 8, 1847. Bram Stoker was the third oldest of seven children. When Stoker was only seven years old he had an unknown disease that doctors had no cure for, he was forced to stay in bed while his brothers and sisters were out playing. When Stoker was only seventeen years of age he “entered Trinity College in Dublin”(British Writers / supplement. Vol. III. 378). When Stoker graduated from Trinity College in Dublin in 1870, he did so while having honors in history and mathematics. There is not much known about Bram Stoker’s parents other than their names and that they have one grandchild only by Bram Stoker. …show more content…
While Stoker was writing short stories he had become attracted to a young lady named Florence Balcombe. Bram and Florence decided to get married on December 4, 1878. It was only five days after they had wed they were off to Birmingham to meet actor Henry Irving. Bram Stoker had not published any of his stories until it was 1872, just a few years before he got married …show more content…
Stoker had written different types of short stories and novels, he even wrote short stories for children. “Stoker [started publishing] his stories [in] 1872, including the ‘Crystal Cup’ (1872), his first horror tale ‘The Chain of Destiny’ (1875), a collection of children’s stories Under the Sunset (1881), and his first novel The Snake’s Pass (1890), but he did not realize fame until the overwhelming success of Dracula (1897)” ( Stoker was not that person who stuck to one genre. He jumped around got a feel for what he liked and when he wrote his most successful novel, Dracula, he had figured out some things that he was interested in. In the novel Dracula Stoker shows conflict with what every human person may face, good and evil. He shows how the good characters in the novel are attracted to evil, but in the end good always wins. In the novel Dracula there happens to be a lawyer who travels to Transylvania where the lawyer is almost attacked by three female vampires, but it gets suddenly interrupted by Count Dracula himself. “Stoker suggest that evil, represented by the vampires, is an almost irresistible force which requires great spiritual strength to overcome” (Beacham 's Guide to Literature for Young Adults). Stoker is suggesting that in order to overcome evil you have to have a good relationship with

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