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  • The Theme Of Love, Lust And Love In Bram Stoker's Dracula

    John Seward’s diary from 7th of September is about Dr. Van Helsing examining Lucy due to her illness. Quickly, he concludes that she needs a blood transfusion and Dr. John Seward voluntarily chooses himself to be the blood donor because he is much younger than Van Helsing. Out of nowhere, Lucy’s fiancé, whose name is Arthur Holmwood, shows up ending with fulfilling the blood transfusion. Shortly after the blood transfusion, Lucy looks better, but Dr. Van Helsing discovers the two, red marks at her throat, which he finds disturbing. Dr. John Seward stays with Lucy all night to watch over her. The two red marks indicate her vampire transformation, which is a Gothic device creating supernatural and mysterious behavior. In Lucy’s diary, she describes the pain she is feeling, and how she feels after the blood transfusion. She also feels safe, when Dr. John Seward is next to her protecting her while being in the room next door. In the diary, she describes her hate to garlic. 20th of September, Dr. John Seward finds out that Lucy’s teeth look different from what they normal do. His conclusion is that she is getting worse and soon will die. The two red marks on her throat are gone, which Dr. John Seward finds worrying and ominous. This inexplicable disappearing is a Gothic device creating suspense and oddity. Dr. Van Helsing identifies vampire-tendencies…

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  • Examples Of Allegory In Dracula

    several references to Johnathon. Through there gossip they introduce most of the main characters. Next, it shifts to Dr. John Seward, or Jack’s diary with a description of Renfield who is a patient at Jack’s asylum. After this, it alternates points…

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  • The Embodiment Of Evil: Good Vs. Evil In Dracula

    The entire story has a protagonist and for me Dr. John Seward is the protagonist from this story. This protagonist represents a good person that cares for others. This protagonist is a character that has help in different ways. John Seward is part of a group of people that wanted to destroy Dracula. Dr. John Seward does not really have a focus of bean a doctor he is focusing more in Lucy. He has focus more in Lucy because he is hard broken they broke Dr. John Seward hard. Lucy is not in love…

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  • Summary Of Female Dualism In Bram Stoker's Dracula

    perceive a present dualism in her character. For example, when Dr. Abraham Van Helsing first comes to visit Lucy Westenra upon Dr. John Seward’s request, we can see how these two perform carefully to bring up Lucy’s condition in her presence, they begin by beating around the bush in order to approach the situation gently, all for her supposed sake. Van Helsing feels that it is necessary to reassure Lucy she is very much loved by everyone and addresses her as “My Dear Young Miss” (149). He is…

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  • Different Perspectives In Dracula By Bram Stoker

    characters, different perspectives, and a mysterious vampire. The story opens with Johnathan Harker going to meet Dracula and from there the story transpires into a classic novel filled with love, sacrifice, and horror. With Harker barely escaping from Dracula and subduing to brain fever, Stoker leaves the reader with curiosity of Harker’s fate until later in the novel. Mina and Lucy’s letters act as a focal point for a couple of chapters with one of the intrigues being Lucy’s suitors (Dr. John…

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  • The Role Of Good And Evil In Bram Stoker's Dracula

    the classic “good versus evil” plot. The evil being displayed by Count Dracula and the good being shown by the other characters who sought out to defeat Dracula upon figuring out his true desires. The story begins with a young solicitor named Jonathon Harker who is assigned to go to Transylvania by his firm to assist Count Dracula 's purchase of real estate in London. The battle is foreshadowed upon the young solicitor, Jonathon Harker being handed a crucifix after hearing a landlady say, "It is…

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  • Role Of Mina In Dracula

    real hero in terms of she is the essential character during when Van Helsing’s people traveled to kill Count Dracula; however, she is the real hero because she was brave enough to go against the traditional role of women and becomes a new type of women. Throughout the novel, two primary females, Lucy Westenra and Mina Murray Harker, represent the stereotypical women during the Victorian era. One of the characteristics of the Victorian era women is that they are dependent, especially to males.…

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  • The Desire For Power In Bram Stoker's Dracula

    One of the strongest human drives is a desire for power. In Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Abraham Van Helsing is a classic example of this behavior. Throughout the novel, Van Helsing seeks to gain power over others believing that he is to carry out God’s message by ridding the world of evil. This is exemplified in his killing of Lucy Westenra, leading the other men to destroy vampires alongside him, and in introducing Catholicism into the lives of the English. By integrating himself into the circle of…

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  • Adapting To Social Norms In Dracula By Bram Stoker

    When Quincey Morris, Dr. Van Helsing, Arthur Holmwood, and John Seward go to free Lucy of her devilish ways, she, “...saw us…[but] still advanced, however, and with a languorous, voluptuous grace, said, ‘Come to me, Arthur. Leave these others and come to me. My arms are hungry for you. Come, and we can rest together. Come, my husband, come!’ There was something diabolically sweet in her tones, something of the tinkling of glass when struck, which rang through the brains even of us who heard…

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  • Nosferatu Analysis

    Shadow of the Vampire portrays the adaptation of Nosferatu especially the intentions dedication of the director, Murnau. Murnau requires acting methods that are extreme and sometimes deadly in order to achieve an immortal film, one that will be remembered and live forever. The physical film and camera are symbols of immortality that will kill the characters, like a vampire. The beginning of the film, Shadow of the Vampire, is the portrayal of the creation of the famous horror movie, Nosferatu,…

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