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  • Personal Narrative: Is It Really Able To Sleep At Night?

    His name ringed in my mind continuously as I went to school. Jasper. I had given him another three packs of Skyflakes Crackers and two bottles of water before leaving a while ago. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry because of school, so I wasn’t able to stay and chat a bit longer. I, surprisingly, was able to perform my best on my Filipino quiz a while ago. Despite having only three to four hours of sleep, it was a blessing that I was still on my senses. I felt satisfied that I didn’t have to worry about not being able to sleep at night. It was a good feeling that paranoia would be crossed out from my list of things to worry about at night. I dropped by the nearest 7-11 store before returning home. I got a variety of food. From crackers to oreos to even tiny cans of sausage and tuna. “Woah, you went shopping today.” My mom greeted as I walked through the Dining Area. She was sitting on one of the chairs while browsing through her computer. “Uh, yeah, I was craving for these.” My mom examined the bag quickly, “That’s an odd craving.” I nodded, “I think I’ll be having my period soon.” “Ah,” She nodded. I walked past her and started placing some of the food in their proper place, leaving two cans of sausages with me. I also took hold of a plastic fork. “By the way El,” She called out to me, “The priest confirmed a while ago. He said he’ll be coming over by Wednesday.” I completely stopped in my tracks. “I- Uh- Uhm-“ Oh no. “Is there anything wrong sweetie?” Yes, yes, and yes. I…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Jones Family

    work. When they got to Lisa 's job everyone stared with excitement, because they all had something to tell Lisa. Lisa said, “ hi everyone this is the thing we have been watching, I found it yesterday while walking home, it doesn’t even know where it came from.” Lisa told the thing to tell them his story and they said “yes!!” and Lisa said, “what is?” They said, “ remember about eighteen years ago when we created the “rock” well we put some of our DNA in the ingredients. This is what this thing…

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  • Flannel Heart Under The Tree Monologue

    Flannel heart under the tree. By; Dayton Weldin These flannel pajamas are so soft, this rocks! I cant believe mom let me open them early this year. Christmas morning is just 4 days away and dancing around my house showing my new pajamas off to all my relatives is how I choose to spend them. "Hey uncle Jeff you wanna feel my pajamas? They 're new! Mom let me open them early this year!" I beamed with excitement. He sat up in his chair and touched my sleeve with his hairy jungle arms. "Oh…

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  • Limo: A Short Story

    Limbo I am an error in the source code of the universe. I shouldn’t exist, because I was never born. That was my fault. That’s why I’m still anywhere at all. Remove me from the equation, and I’m still part of it. Keep me, and I’m not. Paradox. So far as I can tell, the universe has decided that I’m someone else’s problem. The problem with that is that, it being the universe, by definition there’s no one else. So I’m stuck in some sort of temporal-spatial limbo. That’s my theory, anyway. There…

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  • Marchosias: A Short Story

    All eyes are on me. The king, the crowd, and the other participants stop whatever they were doing, but it's not as if it's my first time seeing something big similar to an eagle. I've seen a hound from hell already, so I don't think a giant eagle would faze me. By the way, where is that hound from hell? I have not heard from him ever since we left Rydia. Speaking of a hound from hell. Where the heck is Marchosias? At this point he'd be telling me "what a ridiculous farce, your gamble will only…

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  • The Importance Of The Boys And Girls Club

    or large. At the Boys and Girls club I was thought varies ways to overcome my anxiety, things like: hosting events (MC) and even talking in front of small audience. As of right now I am very proud to say I no longer have stage fright. I am proud to say that I host (MC) all the events that is going on at the Florence Degeorge Boys and Girl Club. There was a boy name John, who was very timid to the point he was afraid of interacting with the other kids around him. I took the…

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  • Examples Of Foreshadowing In Of Mice And Men

    Foreshadowing plays a large part in the novel “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck. He sets the scene at the beginning of the chapter with a specific amount of light and dark, and coming from either the natural light of the sun or some type of electric light source. This setting foreshadows the entire chapter in saying whether what happens will turn out positively or negatively. Not only that, but at many different points in the book, the characters foreshadow the end of the book through their…

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  • The Crucible-Act 2. Why Does John Gives Elizabeth A Kiss?

    your answers in the blank lines between the questions--the document will modify itself to allow for your answers. Also, please bold your answers. Act II, Scene i 1. The stage directions in lines 33-34 describe how John gives Elizabeth a kiss. Consider Miller’s word choice. What words in the description show a strained relationship between the two? She receives it. 2. On page 166, John suggests that Elizabeth bring some flowers into the house…

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  • Epiphanies In Greasy Lake

    Short Story Epiphanies There is a theme of epiphanies in “Greasy Lake” written by T. Coraghessan Boyle and “Cons” written by Jess Walter. The theme is very strong and prevalent in each story in their own way. In the story “Greasy Lake” there are epiphanies when the characters that they are not as bad as they would like to believe themselves be. The last short story “Cons” the main character has a very strong epiphany at the end. All the stories have strong epiphanies in all of them will be…

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  • Symbols Of Suffering In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

    Symbols of Suffering: Abundantly Discovered Viktor E. Frankl had once stated “If there is meaning in life at all, then there must be meaning in suffering.” While John Steinbeck was writing the book Of Mice and Men, he included a large quantity of symbols; However, a plethora of these symbols tie back to the enormity of feelings and scenarios suffering causes or prevents. Throughout the book, Lennie is a strong man with a kind heart. He means no harm, but harm is what he brings. This…

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