Examples Of Allegory In Dracula

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Dracula is a horror novel set in Europe in the mid 1800’s. The book starts with Johnathon Harker heading to Transylvania on a business trip to sell Dracula, a wealthy count in Transylvania, real estate in London. After strange incidents of Count Dracula attempting to suck Johnathon’s blood, and imprison him, Johnathon escapes. The novel then switches to Mina Murray’s, Johnathon’s fiancé, and her friend, Lucy Westenra’s, points of view through their letters. It is mostly just gossip, but there are several references to Johnathon. Through there gossip they introduce most of the main characters. Next, it shifts to Dr. John Seward, or Jack’s diary with a description of Renfield who is a patient at Jack’s asylum. After this, it alternates points …show more content…
It has many symbols, and multiple themes, in some ways it might even be considered an allegory. It starts off with Johnathon traveling to Transylvania to help Count Dracula buy a house. When he arrives, he finds strange things going on, such as the Count telling him to not show his blood, right after attempting to drink it. Other strange things he finds include three women who attempt to seduce him and steal a baby, Dracula turning into a bat, and Dracula not being seen in his mirror. After all this Johnathon thinks he has gone insane, partially out of refusal to believe what he saw.
While Mina and Lucy exchange letters, it is revealed that Lucy is a sleepwalker, leading her to fall under the spell of Dracula and become his first victim. Then the book goes onto Dr. Seward’s perspective, where is starts off describing Renfield. Renfield is a crazed lunatic, wanting to make creatures eat one another, and eventually eat them, so that he can absorb their “life force” to make himself immortal. He is later revealed to be under Dracula’s
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Seward discovers two bite marks on Lucy’s throat, and that her blood content is low. Dr. Seward draws some blood from Arthur and puts it in Lucy’s system. During this time Lucy’s diary gives the impression that she is helpless and afraid. When Lucy seems to lose the blood by the next morning, he calls his old friend Dr. van Helsing. Van Helsing seems to be the only person aware of what is happening to Lucy, but aware that the others would not believe him he keeps this knowledge to himself, yet still taking precautionary measures such as placing garlic flowers around Lucy, and communion wafers near the window. Sadly this is not good enough, and other circumstances and people unwittingly move the items, making Lucy vulnerable once

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