Analysis Of E. M. Forster's 'A Room With A View'

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Trevor Shelden
Ms. Forrestal
Consciousness of the Self
From a Room Without a View to a Room With One In E.M. Forster 's novel A Room with a View, transformation and change not only plays a large role in the life of the protagonist Lucy Honeychurch, but with many of the other main individuals in this classic old fashion story. Change occurs in various forms for many different characters in this book, such as personal discovery, coming of age, moving to and from countries, and falling in love. Even though the story starts and ends in exactly the same location, a small hotel room in Florence, Italy. What ends up happening between the opening and closing chapters is a series of actions Lucy takes in order for her to be independent. When we as readers add up the experiences Lucy, George, and the friends and family surrounding them, we see how Lucy undergoes a transformation from a controlled, shy girl to a self-aware new woman. As a result of these experiences we see the metamorphosis George goes through as well. In
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We realize that George and Lucy are the couple for each other. When George and Lucy are together it feels almost effortless, in comparison to the awkward tension when Cecil is with Lucy. George and Lucy display a type of passion and happiness in the last few moments of the story, when George says “‘Now kiss me here; then here’” (195). This is something Cecil wanted so desperately, however, will not achieve because of his social awkwardness and pretentious views. In retrospect George and Lucy helped us as the reader learn what love can be like, and how our lives can end up just like theirs. These two aided us in broadening our perspective as individuals to see hope in our everyday lives. They turned our regular normal room, into an eye opening room with a

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