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Lucy 's Love

What would you be willing to do for the love of your life? While Lucy has many possible choices for a marriage partner, it is Arthur Holmwood that she wants. Once Lucy accepts his marriage proposal, it seems as if the two get closer every day, until Lucy becomes gravely ill all of the sudden. Let 's learn more about Arthur, also known as Art, from examining his quotes in Bram Stoker 's Dracula.

Lucy 's Illness

When Lucy becomes ill, Arthur is devastated. He asks his friend, Dr. Seward, for help, even though he knows that Dr. Seward is also in love with Lucy. Dr. Seward calls in an expert, Van Helsing. When Van Helsing tells Art how serious Lucy 's condition is, Arthur 's response is, 'What can I do? ...Tell me, and I shall do it. My
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Similarly, Arthur says that he feels that the transfusion process makes him feel as if they were married in God 's eyes.

Lucy 's Death

Despite his grief, Arthur is sure to show his gratitude to Van Helsing for his help throughout Lucy 's ordeal. Art says, 'I hope I may always have the title of a friend. And let me say that I am at a loss for words to thank you for your goodness to my poor dear… I know that she understood your goodness even better than I do. '

Arthur knows that Lucy trusted Helsing, so he does not hesitate when Van Helsing asks for exclusive access to her notes and letters. 'I shall in all ways trust you. I know and believe you have a very noble heart, and you are Jack 's friend, and you were hers. You shall do what you like, ' responds Arthur. Further Arthur reassures, 'Dr. Van Helsing, you may do what you will. I feel that in saying this I am doing what my dear one would have approved. I shall not trouble you with questions till the time comes. '

Van Helsing Asks the

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