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  • Coping Skills

    adults in the U.S. experienced at least one mental illness such as anxiety disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and specific phobias (National Alliance on Mental Illness, 2013). In addition, those who have experienced symptoms of anxiety disorders are plagued with severe social, occupational and interpersonal impairment. These individuals who suffer from anxiety disorders are more prone to be diagnosed with a substance use disorder. Furthermore, this is primarily due to the lack of knowledge regarding effective, lasting, and healthy coping skills as it relates to the co-occurring mental disorder (National Alliance on Mental Illness, 2013). The presented statistics display commonalities that involve the coping skills of emotions and stress. This astonishing data has influenced an increased my levels of research interest in the area of stress, emotions, and the interplay of coping skills.…

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  • Positive Coping Skills

    Client Self-exploration: Encouraging Geoffrey to learn positive coping skills. An important aspect to remember while building a therapeutic relationship with Geoffrey is to stay within professional boundaries. Professional boundaries are limits that protect the space between the professional nurse’s power and the client’s vulnerability in a therapeutic relationship (Peterson, 1992). It is my responsibility as a nurse to maintain within all professional boundaries, act as a client advocate and…

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  • Recovery: A Thematic Analysis

    Addiction is a disease that has spread into an epidemic. However, this book’s main focus is to ultimately help the struggling addict and their family overcome hardships and successfully find recovery. They will achieve this by using the “six principals of good recovery” that concentrate on both the process and the outcome perspective (Shumway & Kimball, 2012, p.3). The six principals include: hope, healthy coping skills, achievement and accomplishment, capacity for meaningful relationships,…

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  • Abc Model In Crisis Counseling

    It focuses on changing client’s perception, decreasing in client distress, and increasing in client functioning. Professionals utilize ABC Model to help the clients identifying the problem and developing coping skills to get through crisis. ABC Model refers to building up rapport with the client; identifying the problems; and developing the coping skills. Building up the rapport with the clients is the fundamental requirement for an effective counseling session. Clients don’t care what…

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  • Managing Stress In College Students

    Stress is ordinary biological reaction to adversity. Author Jan Bruce of Forbes magazine states that managing stress can be regulated by “changing our thinking styles about these priorities and issues gives us coping power over them” (Bruce, "The Real Reason You Are Stressed."). The knowledge and development of self-awareness and coping skills can help take back control of a student’s perceived stress from the commitment and expectations of college. The three parts that control stress response…

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  • Therapeutic For Families Support Case Study

    MM-3:30-4:15- Interpersonal skills while discussing the client’s family functioning The Therapeutic for Families Support (TSF) worker picked the client up from his school to complete a session with the client in a group setting to help the client work on coping skills while dealing with different stressor. While driving to pick up the other client for the session, the client and TSF worker talked about the client’s upcoming family change involving his siblings moving back into his household.…

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  • Sample Of Planned Interventions: Zynaria

    execute appropriate communication with biological family monthly. Objective: 1. Zynaria and her family will express her feelings about reunification with her biological mother on a monthly basis. 2. Zynaria and her family will process each visit with biological family to decrease outing out behaviors monthly. Planned Interventions / Frequency / Responsible Party: 1. MHP will provide Zynaria and her family opportunity to express her feelings on a monthly. 2. MHP will maintain regular monthly…

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  • Stress Management In Nursing Essay

    because nursing can be a stressful career and with the right management techniques can help overcome these stress mechanisms. Someday I will be a nurse and it will be beneficial for me to learn some of these techniques. I will also do a group presentation for my class about this and the goal I wish to accomplish is to help give them some coping strategies on how they can overcome work related stress when they become nurses. Nursing is a stressful profession and can take a toll on you,…

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  • Gary's Argumentative Essay: Direct Drivers Of Suicide

    From warning signs, we will develop coping strategies which will include helping him discuss his reasons for living which will serve to provide him a sense of hope both during the session and also during the future. Reasons for living can provide internal coping mechanisms for Gary. Collaboration with Gary will occur to create the safety plan so that the details of the plan will be tailored to Gary’s thoughts, beliefs, and…

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  • Definition Essay Stress

    Feeling stressed can be completely normal, and in fact everyone feels stressed at some point in their life. Sometimes being stressed-out can motivate us to focus on our work, but other times it can lead us to feel completely overwhelmed and unable to concentrate on anything. While stress affects everyone in different ways, there are two types of stress. Stress that is beneficial and motivating is good stress. Stress that causes anxiety and even health problems is bad stress. Being a freshman in…

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