Stress Management In Nursing Essay

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Nursing has been a rewarding and satisfying career for many years. However, the workload can put stress on someone. The topic I choose to write about is stress management and reduction for nurses. I choose this topic because nursing can be a stressful career and with the right management techniques can help overcome these stress mechanisms. Someday I will be a nurse and it will be beneficial for me to learn some of these techniques. I will also do a group presentation for my class about this and the goal I wish to accomplish is to help give them some coping strategies on how they can overcome work related stress when they become nurses. Nursing is a stressful profession and can take a toll on you, physically, emotionally and on certain mental …show more content…
Smith, is about identifying interventions to improve the effectiveness of nurses coping with work-related stress. Ineffective coping with stress is linked to several different factors such as changes in cognitive, emotional and behavioral functions. Ineffective coping with stress can put nurses at risk for giving the best care that they can give. Stress cannot just be eliminated out of someone’s life, but learning how to cope with stress can be a realistic goal to implement to those giving care. Interventions that were identified were exercise programs, social support groups, journaling, cognitive-behavioral skills development, and meditation. Those interventions can help nurses cope with stress and have a clear mind when taking care of people. Meditation is considered a spiritual practice that focuses on regulation of self-thought. They are two types of meditation; concentrative and mindful meditation. In this article stress is defined as a biopsychosocial response to either positive or negative factors in one’s environment. When your stress it can cause you to not provide patient needs effectively and your needs. It can also result in ineffective problem solving, changes in communication and alterations in behavior. Stress sometimes plays the role in the shortage of nurses and burnout. Nurse burnout happens because of emotional exhaustion, prolonged stress, depersonalization and reduced personal

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