Dracula Good Vs Evil Analysis

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Harry potter vs. Lord Voldemort, Batman vs. Joker, or Avengers vs. Loki. Like all those movies, the same theme of good vs. Evil is involved in this play called Dracula. This play is about a Dracula which is an evil character and other character like Van Helsing, Renfield and Lucy are the good character and are trying to vanish the Dracula.Dracula is a Play adapted by Hamilton Deane in 1924 from the novel Dracula which was written by Bram Stoker in 1897 and then revised by John L. Balderston in 1927.Novel of the Dracula was successful and people loved it, so the author made a play out of so people could visually see how it could actually be and how horrifying the life of those people would be. The main theme of Good vs. Evil is produced through contract between all the characters throughout the Play. The Playwrights have created a mysterious and dark tone in the play with contrasting characters, symbols, and foreshadowing through the setting in the whole play.
The main villain Dracula is a vampire, hundreds
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evil. Darkness in the play is referred to the Dracula and his evil thinking and killing peoples to feed himself. The brightness is referred to Lucy, Van Helsing, Seward and many other characters in the play. They are trying to get rid of the peoples like vampires who has been killing people to feed themselves and wrecking people’s lives by making them evil and bad like him. This was not the only place where the vampires are located but there were also “In some islands of the Eastern seas there are bats which hang on trees all night”. The bats in the island of the Eastern seas are referring to the Dracula being there as well and there have been rumored heard of the Dracula there as well. The play uses dramatic irony again to represent the bats at night which are relating to the Dracula which also lives at night and searching for the victim so he could feed

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