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  • Analysis Of Wolf's Fitting Fulfillment Theory

    psychology”, but there are several aspects of his argument that are worth discussing. First of all, it seems that Haidt needs to flesh out more what he means by “hive” and the importance of size. Does he mean that the more people who share our vital engagement, the more meaningful our lives are? Then it is arbitrary and even ridiculous why riding with forty-nine other equestrians is less meaningful than riding with fifty other equestrians. Rather than arguing that size and meaningfulness are directly proportional, Haidt seems to be encouraging us to adopt a collectivist perspective and recognize the interconnectedness we have as humans. Haidt’s argument taps into the realm of Eastern philosophy and resembles the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. In How to Love, Thich Nhat Hanh teaches us that “in a deep relationship, there’s no longer a boundary between you and the other person. You are her and she is you”. We can expand this teaching from intimate relationship to human interactions in general. Being able to see ourselves as part of the collective human consciousness, we no longer feel the need to justify the significance of our individual, ephemeral lives. This is not to say that we are now obligated to alleviate human sufferings as a whole or that we cannot be happy as long as the human race is suffering. Recognizing the meaning of human existence as a whole, we are now able to lead our individual lives with more equanimity and happiness.…

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  • Ant And The Grasshopper In Aesop's

    As she gives information of the importance of educators living in the present with their students, the present is stacked to the point where there is no balance—a happy medium— between the present and reality of the future. Yes, “only the present is real and available to us,” (Conklin, 2010, p. 61) but the future is inevitable and fate based. The future is an accumulation of what happens in the present. Between present and future, the latter is progressive; therefore, it is reasonable to…

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  • The Sun My Heart Analysis

    The Sun My Heart: A further analysis of Thich Nhat Hanh’s Environmental Perspectives Within Thich Nhat Hanh’s text, The Sun My Heart, he gives an extraordinary perspective upon his own personal experiences as well as using contemporary science and philosophy to help others receive a greater acknowledgment within our daily reality. His story takes place within his monastery in Plum Village. Here he illuminates how everyday events can lead to a greater insight within. Within his text, he begins…

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  • Martin Luther King's Hatred: A Road To Violence

    viciousness/violence. As the above quote explains, a person should not pull another so low that the other person develops a spark of hatred in his/her heart. This hatred causes humanity to disintegrate into abyss. Man loses control of himself and performs deadly acts unconsciously and unintentionally. This behavior is unacceptable and drags one towards isolation. We have made hatred one of the most common aspects of our lives and the consequences can be witnessed by every living being. The…

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  • Essay On Cultural Field Experience

    and biases. The meeting lasted approximately an hour and a half and took place in an old house located in Williamsburg, Virginia. The first five minutes were spent on introductions. Of the nine people present, one was the leader, four were regular attendees, two were returning for their second time and two were there for their first time. The group was friendly and very welcoming. They made me feel comfortable immediately, which surprised me. After introductions were complete, we moved on…

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  • Do You Have Time To Love Analysis

    Thich Nhat Hanh says love is being there. If you are not there how can you love? He is right. You need to be present in order to love. In fact, your presence is the best gift to the person you love. But, being there is not an easy thing. Training and practice is important. Do you have time to love? Can you always be there? You should to ask like those questions. If your love is true love you have enough time to love. Also your mind have to be there when your body is there. The person…

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  • What Is The Theme Of Rat Park By Stuart Mcmbillen

    Relate the concept of "interbeing" to Fromm's discussion in chapter 2 as it pertains to the concepts of polarities and paradoxical logic. The instance that I believe most relates to “interbeing” and polarity within Fromm’s novel, is the concept that “man in the past and in the present,” choose to conform to society instead of doing the opposite and becoming their own person within society. This type of thinking makes individuals believe that conforming to the trends in society as Hanh stated,…

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  • Impermanence In Buddhism

    acknowledge the path of Buddha, it is the opportunity for Buddhist adherents to be determined to follow it on their own personal journey. The puja of Vesak is based on The Three Jewels of Buddhism that links individuals to Anatta which is the belief of non-self or the absence of a self. In regard to this, the circumambulation of Buddha requires Buddhist believers to move around Buddha three times in representation of each Jewel. According to Thich Nhat Hanh “practicing mindfulness, concentration…

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  • Buddhism Non Violence

    the moral precept of non-violence to a great extent; however, if this principle is so central, why then, have Buddhists in Myanmar and Sri Lanka contradicted the crucial teaching of the Buddha and the virtue of ahimsa, or ‘not hurt,’ one that is essential to Jainism, but also corresponds to Buddhism non-violence precept? More to the point, why have Buddhist monks attacked Muslims residing in these geographical locations? Simply put, it is essential to recognize the injustice committed by any…

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  • The Power Of Forgiveness Film Analysis

    Therefore, the community has been left struggling and with pain, now three decades later. The film features an Amish community extend compassion to the family of a man who killed five of their children and wounded five more in a school shooting. We also learn how three women who lost sons and husbands in the 9/11 attacks search for strength to forgive. The film also explores the life journeys of Holocaust survivor and Noble Peace Laureate Elie Wiesel. Elie found there was power in forgiveness…

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