Theory of multiple intelligences

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  • The Matrix Dystopia

    and celebrated sci-fi movies of the 20th century, The Matrix, which was written and directed by Lana and Lilla Wachowski. The movie is set in a dystopian future and revolves around the idea of a Matrix, a virtual reality created by an artificial-intelligence that humans grasp as true reality, because humans can’t discern between the Matrix and true…

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  • Jeanne Chall Contribution

    struggle with reading, and therefore a variety of techniques that may be suggested by theorists for teachers to help those students; among those theorists is a contemporary theorist, Jeanne Chall. As a contemporary theorist, Chall has contributed many theories and teaching techniques in reading which are used in the general education classroom on a regular basis. Some of the major ideas that Chall has contributed to the teaching world are the need for phonics in the early years of a child’s…

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  • Community Critical Discourse Analysis

    experiences that shape People of Color within the community. This essay conceptualizes the value of community cultural wealth for People of Color within the intersections of family-community-school partnerships, through the lens of critical race theory, while incorporating racial microaggressions as a primary factor and employing recommendations for improving this epidemic plaguing our society. Historical Context of Racial Inequalities The issues related to racial inequalities are so deeply…

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  • Theoretical Underpinnings Of The Syrian Refugee Crisis

    values theory “considers whether the admission of migrants promotes the fundamental values of the country as a whole” and domestic interest theory “examines whether and to what degree allowing migrants into the United States will benefit the country as a whole.” The other two theories are non-country-focused, according to the authors: individual rights theory which “focuses on the rights of the prospective migrant and the migrant’s right of entry into the United States” and global welfare…

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  • Jean Piaget Stages Of Development

    Jean Piaget observed intellectual growth as a manner of adaptation to the world. This happens through: assimilation, the process through which an individual incorporates new experiences into an already existing schemata, and accommodation, the process of modifying existing schemata to satisfy the requirements of new experiences. Piaget believed the adaption or change of the person them self, to be the product of their ability to assimilate by incorporating new experiences into their pre-existing…

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  • John F Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Theories

    shocked a nation along with its people. The assassination itself is arguably one the most controversial events to take place in American history. The debate that surrounds the assassination involves many theories including the official Warren Commission reports, to the not so official conspiracies theories. Examining the supportive evidence, contradictions, and eye witness accounts, some believe Kennedy’s assassination has yet to be fully explained. Most of the investigations that took place…

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  • Essay On Harmful Effects Of Labeling

    Americans live in a world that is full of labels. Just look outside any window and be astonished by all the different and unique labels that people produce into the world, from clothing to stores to toys, and even each other; humans seem desire this natural need to fully be aware and knowing what things are and how they are to function. The whole fascination with labeling has been embodied by people since ancient times, but labeling hasn’t been a major issue like it is today. As medicine and…

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  • Speech Therapy Reflection

    Struggles come in any shape and color and I learned that a couple years ago when I found out that my son, at an early age, was referred by his pediatrician to an early intervention program. Seeing my son struggling to pronounce mom in Spanish at age of two, was devastating for me. However, as the time passed I noticed that the dedication that speech therapy had with my son, enlightening in me a desire to work with children that are struggling. Then, I realized that the best way is to go to…

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  • Student Learning Summary And Analysis

    Gardener’s multiple intelligences suits them best? These essential questions help teachers get to know students better in order to make lessons which adhere to to their needs best. More importantly, these classes have made me aware of diversity and equity. I am now more mindful of differences in the classrooms and the communities that surround the schools and how these differences may affect a student’s education. The education courses have introduced me to various educational theories that I…

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  • Essay On Zero Day

    Many years ago, much of society may have envisioned a future with flying cars and robots that shared the Earth with humans. While this has yet to occur, technology is leaps and bounds beyond what it was imagined to be at this point. With technological advancement comes a necessity to secure it; and for some, exploit it. Zero day exploits employed for economic or military advantage; cyber crime, cyber terrorism and threats to SCADA systems; meta-data collected and used by the private sector and…

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