Theory of multiple intelligences

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  • My Experience In Teaching As A Special Education Teacher

    solving skills through completion of math problems. As a special education teacher, within a math classroom, I constantly am thinking of how to accommodate all my students. However, after taking this course, it brought enlightenment of the different intelligences. This stations catered toward my linguistic and interpersonal learners. It allowed my linguistic learners to utilize the English language to demonstrate their understanding of the learned material and allowed independent…

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  • Reflection On Ms. Fogarty's First Class At Pine Meadow Elementary

    The first theory I will discuss is the industry and inferiority theory by Erik Erikson. Erikson says that this is a time when children work hard and have a sense of accomplishment when they complete something that may have been challenging for them. For me, I saw this from the kids after they made crafts that were hard to put together, and also after they completed a difficult math problem. Another theory I saw while working in the classroom was B.F. Skinner’s theory that if you reinforce…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Am A Very Complex Learner

    I believe I am a very complex learner. After reviewing Gardener’s multiple intelligence theory and the field dependence/ independence, I would say I am a visual/special, musical, and field dependent learner. I am very interested in seeing the whole picture before working on the parts. Understanding my goal allows me to focus on completing my tasks. I love using pictures, images, and other visual ques to understand a concept. When solving math problems, I normally go straight into drawing a…

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  • Savant Syndrome Case Studies

    Intelligence Intelligence is a very widely debated term in the exact meaning. This makes sense because it deals the inner workings of the human mind and thus has several connotations depending on how intelligent someone is perceived to be. Unlike other topics such as mathematics and science, which are more cut-and-dry, intelligence has the potential to hurt people and cause them to feel excluded. Also, people’s minds aren’t drawn in black and white. You can’t simply decipher what it means to be…

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  • Taylor Swift And Giftedness

    Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, an individual may have strengths in one…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Diversity In Schools

    finally, by seeking to form one inclusive classroom community. First of all, in order for them to cultivate an inclusive classroom, teachers must learn about the ‘them’, that is, their students. The diversity of students, their abilities, and intelligences are as numerous as the students themselves. Harro Van Brummelen addresses six forms of diversity that may be…

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  • Child Centered Curriculum: Howards Gardner

    Gardner believed schools only focus on verbal/linguistic and logical/mathematical intelligences (p.161). I agree with this because American schools basically test math, science, and language skills on state tests such as the MAP test. It would be a completely different experience if mandated tests also collected scores in the fine arts categories, besides literature. I have taken Gardner’s multiple intelligences test in several of my college classes. These are always for fun and the teacher…

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  • The Effects Of Biological, Psychological And Sociocultural Forces On Psychological Development

    sociocultural forces on psychological development, I can think no further than my own mother; with a dynamic personal history showcasing the aspects of political conflict, ethnicity, religion, occupation among many others, I have seen numerous psychological theories presented within the context of her life. At the age of 62, she is currently in her middle to late adulthood, and is working as a physician in her own medical practice in east San Jose. Embodying a positive outlook on life while also…

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  • Eddie Morr Analysis

    lands in his hands, he improves in virtually every aspect of his social, emotional, cognitive and physical functioning. Eddie Morra’s “enhanced version” of himself is best described by Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, excluding Naturalistic intelligence. Spatial intelligence is defined as the ability to conceptualize and manipulate large-scale spatial arrays, or more local forms of space. We see Eddie’s increase in his “picture smarts” when he takes his first NZT pill. He…

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  • What Is Emily Dickinson's Theory

    different psychologists to create theories on human intelligence, behavior and development. Some examples of theories are Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence, which states that people have different kinds of intelligence and Thurstone’s Theory of Primary Mental Abilities, which discusses five emotional factors that are as important as traditional intelligence. While those theories have been ground-breaking, none have been as influential as Erik Erikson’s theory on the stages…

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