Henoildo Personality

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Henoildo is a very bright, intelligent young man. He has always demonstrated advanced progression in the different academic areas. He loves science and working on various experiments. I have signed him up for various science camps to encourage him to continue with his learning. Another area Henoildo loves is music. His musical intelligence is quite impressive and he is advanced in reading and playing music. He plays in the school orchestra band and jazz band. Over the past few years he has learned to play the saxophone, the piano and the guitar. When it comes to his bodily kinesthetic, he is also advanced. He is constantly involved in either soccer or baseball. Based off his skills, he qualified for the All-Star baseball team and the travel soccer team. These sports have not only helped his bodily kinesthetic intelligence, but they have also helped his verbal intelligence. He has learned how to interact and cooperate with everyone on the team. His vocabulary is developing great for a child his age through communication with his teammates, reading science books, and being involved in bands. At school and at after-school activities, he is the child who influences the decisions of others through his speech. Everyone appears to like him a lot.
When it comes
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According to Piaget, children in the middle childhood are in their concrete operational stage. They are beginning to think logically, but can only apply logic to physical objects. They gain abilities of conservation and reversibility. They start thinking more rational and organized. Problem solving becomes easier, but is still reached through concrete thinking. Their decentering ability and classification ability is improved. They are able to identify different things and categorize them into groups. Children in this stage also understand seriation and can mentally arrange items along a quantifiable dimension. (McLeod,

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