Jean Piaget's Theory Of Religious Development In Early Childhood Development

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eligious development in childhood is filled theories but there is little to no empirical research done on the topic of religious development in childhood. A majority of the theories regarding religious in early childhood development revolve around stage theories of religious cognitive development. There seems to be a lot of overlap in these theories as well.
Jean Piaget holds a considerable amount of influence in the stage theories. There are four stages to Piaget’s theory: Sensorimotor stage, preoperational stage, concrete operational stage and formal operational stage. The first stage Sensorimotor is birth to about two years and in this stage children understand the world around them by sensory and motor functions. Stage two is from about 2 years to 7 years of age and in this stage children have a hard time understanding others’ perspectives and lack sophisticated logical reasoning. The third stage is from seven to twelve years of age and children are able to now be capable of understanding concepts of conversation. Piaget’s final stage from twelve years and up are now fully capable of complex abstract thinking involving the hypothetical.
These stages from Jean Piaget have set the stage for many other stage
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I agree with him that the life cycle is a sequence of eras. Each era has its own characteristics and makes its own contributions to the whole. Each era that we go through affects our character and egos. I think this is similar to Piaget’s early childhood theory of the different stages we go through. As we are evolving and developing as individuals and as a whole we change. This is where I believe conversion and de-conversion comes in. From these different eras or stages our opinions or cognitive conceptualization can change. It could be because influences have changed or experiences or anything of that matter. I do think that we are ever evolving and developing in stages in our life

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