Personal Narrative-He Quit Park Place

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Jonathan Midgette- He has been good. He quit Park Place at Trivette Hall and is picked up hours at Cascades. He went camping this past weekend and I have yet to ask him about it. Did well on his Sociology exam. We played Four in a Row and he is really content. He is excited to perform this weekend at the football game.

Hayley Hayes-She didn't think she did as well as she though on her religion exam.Last week she missed mentoring and we did an email check in. She shared with him a variety of personal things about her life. Most consisting of her devotion to God and her desire to do Mission work. I well see her Friday and ask her more about her exam and standing in class.

Banner Main-He got a response from NC state about his inquiry on the
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However, I noticed he has been behind on his study hall attendances. One of the lowest in attendance of my mentees. I will have to speak to him about this and make sure he is at 100% by October 30th. Most of his concerns are over his roommate who is annoying him by routinely pressing the snooze button on his alarm. From his description his roommate is quite the character. He recently had a Spanish exam I will speak to him about on Friday.

Shawna Williams-Shawna and I discovered that there are several chemistry tutor labs outside of what LEAD offers. She now says she has no excuse to not attend one. She mad a 56 on her Chemistry exam, but she still has a positive outlook, because she knows the fundamentals of what she's learning, It's her only class she is struggling with. She is doing well outside of that.

Alex Taylor-Alex went to see his brother and nephew this weekend. He really was glad to be back and hang out with his "pit family" (his group of friends who hang out in the "pit" outside his dorm). He is still trying to get a job as a barista in The Wired Scholar. He went to the library one day last week from 11am to 6pm. He is pushing his friends and himself to study everyday. Next week we are going to look into the child development minor. He really wants to become a lawyer for children.He is doing well in

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