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  • Theory Y By Douglas Mcgregor: Theory X And Theory Y

    Theory X and Theory Y by Douglas McGregor, summarizes a difference between management styles in that Theory X is an authoritarian style which assumes employees are naturally unmotivated, and Theory Y is a participative style and assumes that employees are self-motivated and enjoy working with greater responsibility (Mindtools, n.d.). In my workplace, I am more partial to Theory Y. I think that unless personally observed, managers should not just assume that otherwise mature, responsible adults trying to make a living, are more inclined to avoid work and must be directed in all activities. Even if people are just there to make a living and don’t really care about what they are doing, I would imagine that they’d still want to put forth effort to make sure that the work is done right. If for nothing else, at least to avoid exposing…

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  • Theory Y And Theory X Analysis

    In this essay, both of McGregor’s concepts of ‘Theory Y’ and ‘Theory X’ (McGregor, 1960) will be explored. However, it must be mentioned from the outset that one can argue to a greater extent that Theory X provides a more universal approach towards management within the leisure industry. Despite this, some elements of Theory X are undoubtedly outdated. The autocratic style of Theory X leadership no longer governs industries as effectively as it once did – due to many factors including an…

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  • Theory X And Theory Y Analysis

    According to McGregor, Theory X in addition to Theory Y is used by managers in order to perceive and address the motivation in employees. Theory X and Theory Y explain the role of managers in organizing resources that would best fit an organization. These two theories have very different assumptions when it comes to describing the attitudes in addition to the motivation of employees when thinking about work. Theory X shows that managers have to be in control of their employees because they have…

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  • Theory X And Theory Y Essay

    The two theories, Theory X and Theory Y, were developed by McGregor to describe two different models of motivation used to influence laborers in the workforce by their managers. The models use two contrasting general assumptions about how laborers are motivated in order to form the foundation for the two different management styles. Theory X assumes that people have an inherent dislike of work, are likely to avoid responsibilities, are focused on their own individual goals, and have little to no…

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  • Mcgregor Theory X And Theory Y Analysis

    leadership styles. This report will demonstrate what my management style is, what McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y are and how they are linked to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Wants. After taking the Leadership Styles Questionnaire, my total score for Theory X was 32, and my total score for Theory Y was 68. However what exactly is “Theory X and Theory Y?” In 1960, Douglas McGregor wrote a book called The Human Side of Enterprise, in which he proposed two theories to view employee…

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  • Mcgregor Theory X-Y Analysis

    McGregor’s theory X-Y is a salutary and simple reminder of the natural rules to managing people’ (McGregor, n.d.). In the ‘X’ category the average person dislike working, lacks motivation and ambition, and prefers to be led. In category ‘Y’ people want to work and progress, they are keen to learn and challenge themselves, and responsibility is usually accepted or even sought. The theory makes sense and I have seen workers and managers who take the job seriously and try to do their best and also…

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  • Essay: Certainty In The Workplace

    Our work place environments are the atmospheres in which we surround ourselves on a daily basis and sometimes not necessarily by choice. Some factors of a workplace environment include physical conditions or work procedures. One aspect I did not initially recognize is the idea of how the people I work with operate mentally. The concept of Theory X and Theory Y made me review my assumptions. In doing so, I noticed the majority of my co-workers are Theory Y. However, I do work with someone…

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  • Comparison Of Douglas Mcgregor's Theory X And Theory Y

    The assumptions for the X and Y theory are based off assumptions of social science research. Here is a break down summary of each theory type. Assumptions under Theory X are, the average human being dislikes work and will avoid it if possible. A person under this category prefers to be directed and controlled. Also, people in this category needs to me motivated to get tasks complete. ” These managers tend to micro-manage, be extremely task oriented and not put much emphasis on building…

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  • Theory X And Theory Y In The Human Side Of Enterprise

    According to the Dave Gannon and Anna Boguszak, it was in 1957 that Douglas McGregor first proposed the concept of Theory X and Theory Y in ‘The Human Side of Enterprise’, yet still today his ideas continue to be misunderstood and misused in the field of management. The purpose of this paper is therefore to offer to business and management readers a clear overview of McGregor’s ideas, their use, critique, and contribution to the field of management. For more youthful individuals, what McGregor…

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  • The Two Methods Of Theory X And Theory Y Management

    Introduction This report is written for the research for Company XYZ and the findings of Theory X and Theory Y Management. Douglas McGregor defined the two types of managers to be categorized by Theory X and Theory Y. “According to the first theory (X), the employees dislike and even avoid work and therefore will find themselves in an environment which is difficult to control while according to the second theory (Y) the organisational activity is a source of personal satisfaction” (Simionel,…

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