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In my seventh grade Spanish 2 lesson plan for FLED 4410 I tried to apply a lot of what I have learned about FLA into my lesson plan. This lesson plan I made specifically honed in on multiple intelligences,communication, and differentiation.
For the multiple intelligences aspect of the lesson plan I incorporated a variety of different activities that different students would enjoy. Writing and presenting for students with the linguistic intelligence, calculating calories and prices for students with mathematical intelligence, gestures and actions during the song and vocab presentation for bodily kinesthetic intelligence, working in pairs for students with interpersonal intelligence, and activities focusing on introspection for students with
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As they create output, they will put to use the: Noticing function, as they encounter gaps between what they want to say and what they are able to say, noticing what they do not know or only know partially in the TL, Hypothesis-testing function, as they speak, testing their hypotheses on concepts such as grammar and vocabulary while receiving feedback from me in the TL. This will create a passageway to Metalinguistic function, as they reflect on the language they learn. The students create output during many activities throughout the lesson where I elicit a response from the students during these communicative language learning activities. These activities, as the majority of the activities in the lesson plan, are definitely production-based activities. The lesson plan is about 30% student interaction, 30% input, and 40% output based. While the beginning of the lesson plan is more teacher-centered and comprehension based with the presentation of vocab ,eventually building up or scaffolding the students into the the production-based activities. These production based activities will help them grow and think critically about the language as I guide them on their way to language …show more content…
The lesson also makes connections with topics in math, while also tying in culture as they learn about new foods and utilizing comparisons with the venn diagram activity to observe similarities and differences of cultures. The lesson plan needs to be extended further to include the community aspect of the 5 C’s.
I did not include how I would provide corrective feedback to my students. Based on the research of the most effective type of feedback I would use the prompt technique in order to correct my students. Using this technique the students would realize that they need to correct what they have just said. However, with using the communicative approach my main focus is that the students gain the skill of communication, if what is said is comprehensible there will not be as strong of emphasis on how it was

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