Waterhouse's Multiple Intelligence Theory

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Multiple intelligence, what is it and how do we determine how to measure such a thing? There are many different components that make-up multiple intelligence and there have been several different ways to measure what our multiple intelligence is. When it comes to Lynn Waterhouse she believes that multiple intelligence theory and other theories such as the Mozart Effect and Emotional Intelligence, that these types of theories should not be practiced in a classroom that they have no effect on a child’s capacity to learn and develop new tactics to accessing better knowledge of information taught. Her research has found that the two pathways in the brain that could be evidence of a multiple intelligence theory. The pathways are the System 1 and …show more content…
He used fields such as encompasses cognitive and neuroscience, he used developmental psychology and experimental psychology as well. His findings reached out farther than those of Waterhouse. He states, “By limiting her synthesis to the singular disciplinary frames of psychometrics and experimentation, Waterhouse misses the core of the Multiple Intelligence theory.”(Gardern&Moran pg.231) Gardner’s approach to education is simply teaching and approaching different topics in multiple ways so that children who learn differently can have the opportunity to grasp the knowledge that other children are receiving as well. There are two different profiles that Waterhouse disregarded as additional intelligences but they are no such things. These two profiles are searchlight and laserlike and they “help describe the strength of intelligence relative to each other.”(Gardner&Moran pg.228) When it comes to searchlight these are the characteristics for people who become politicians and high quality businessmen. Searchlight is an intelligence that shifts among all the different intelligence in our brains and does not get stuck on just one or two, whereas laserlike are characteristics of people who are more artistic and become your scientists and researchers, this is the intelligence that gets stuck on one or two types and goes into great depths of that …show more content…
The showed that their school and schools around the country are grown and adopting new and improved ways of teaching. Instead of sitting in the classroom and listening to long lectures and writing down every word students are now able to get outside and practice what their teacher is lecturing on by doing hands on work which allows the students to understand the material on a higher level. They found that by using the multiple intelligence models and understanding that there are many different aspects that go into one person learning new material, that their students were able to excel at their practices and retail more knowledge overall.
I full heartedly agree with Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence and that by incorporating it into today’s teachings could further person knowledge and help expand their minds. Not everyone can or will learn at the same pace or in the same way. Our minds are all different and by understanding that we can help change the way children receive

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