The Impact Of Leta Hollingworth's Impact On American Society

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The purpose of this paper is to a) discuss the history of Leta Hollingworth b) to discuss her works c) to discuss her work on American society and d) to discuss the impact of her on me a preservice teacher e) conclusion f) references
The History of Leta Hollingworth
Leta Hollingsworth was an American psychologist, educator, feminist who made a huge impact in the world, we live in today. On May 25, 1886, Leta Ann Stetter was born near a farm in Chardon, Nebraska. She was the oldest of three sisters. She went to the University of Nebraska at the age of sixteen. While in the University of Nebraska, she was engaged to her future husband Henry Hollingworth. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree along with the State Teacher 's Certificate in 1906. Then, Leta started teaching in her hometown while, Harry went to New York to be an assistant professor. Then, Leta moved to New York to be with Harry. Then,
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This was her last publication, which her husband completed after Leta’s death.
The Impact of Leta Hollingworth on American Society Leta Hollingworth was an American from Nebraska. Leta faced many obstacles, just by being a woman, and then when she was a married woman, she faced even more discrimination. In 1910, the period of the feminist movement in America started. In addition, this was the time Leta Hollingworth began her academic career. History was being made and Leta help make changes in American society. Therefore, she conducted studies of intelligence between genders and found no differences. She challenged the belief that men were superior to women intellectually. Leta challenged female inferiority such as Johann Meckel and his Variability Hypothesis stating males have a greater range of ability than females. Another antifeminist she challenged was, Charles Darwin and his evolution theory that states women were intellectually and physically inferior to

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