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  • Ethical Issues In Coma Care

    Coma is the state of unconsciousness characterized by the complete lack of stimulation and awareness. It is either structural or nonstructural in origin due to a severe disorder in cerebral function (Stevens & Bhardwaj, 2006, pp. 31-41). Characteristically, “coma is a transitional state, evolving toward recovery of consciousness, the vegetative state, the minimally conscious state, or brain death” (Stevens & Bhardwaj, 2006, pp. 31-41). In other article coma also defined as “the state of unconsciousness typically lasting only weeks from the time of injury” Schiff (2003). Comatose patients usually either recover or go into several longer-term states of compromised consciousness. In comatose patient, no eye opening (even closed during harm like…

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  • Targeted Temperature Management Case Study

    get a better understanding of cooling temperatures the patients were to be randomly assigned a cooling temperature either at 33 ° C or at 36 °C group. From there a set of test would be preformed to gather data on which group had a better survival rate as well as less brain damage. This research started off with 939 patients total, the 33° C group had 473 patients and the 36°C group had 466 patients. Each of the patients brought into the study went into a cardiac arrest and had been unconscious…

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  • Nancy Cruzan Case Study

    Nancy Cruzan on the frigid night of January in 1983 was driving home from her job at a cheese factory down Elm Road in Jasper County Missouri when she lost control of her car and was promptly flung from her vehicle when she crashed into a ravine. Cruzan was later found by EMT face-down in a ditch of water, and was successfully resuscitated when no vital signs could be found. Cruzan was then transferred to a hospital in a comatose state where the attending surgeon diagnosed her as having severe…

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  • The Issue Of Physician Assisted Suicide

    suicide. The requesting patient must be eighteen years or older who has been deemed as mentally capable of making such a decision by a psychologist, and so on (Oregon). However, people still find this act to be very controversial. There is a major concern about patients who are not conscious, like those in comas or vegetative states. In these cases, patients cannot advocate for themselves, like the Death with Dignity Act states. For example, there was a case about a women named Terri Schiavo…

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  • Ethical Dilemmas In The Medical Field

    In the medical field, many cases of legal and ethical dilemmas arise on a daily basis. In such cases, the role of the physician is to provide competent medical treatment at the discretion of the patient and their families. In many of these cases, although the physician believes they are doing the right thing, we often have our own opinions. Among these cases, are two unique dilemmas to be discussed in great detail before obtaining an ethical decision. The first case is of a 47 year old male who…

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  • Living Will Essay

    A person can never really know whether or not they are making the right decision, they can only hope that whatever the choose over bared their possible suffering. Brain dead or in a coma on life support of any kind with little to no hope of recovery. Now choosing to let that person remain in this state or euthanizing it. Why burden your family with that decision when you can make if for them ahead of time. The self-proclaim decision is called a living will. However, for pregnant women, there is…

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  • Essay On Traditional Dying

    Traditional to Modern (How Dying is Portrayed) “Death is unavoidably part of our lives. Not thinking or not talking about death doesn’t remove us from its power.” (Lynne Ann Despelder 41) When it comes to death and dying there have been many changes throughout the last millennium. The transition from traditional practices to modern practices brought a lot of different aspects to the views of this topic. Traditionally death was a part of life, it was natural and not stressed upon. The transition…

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  • Short Story: Moving To Canada

    friend first. After he secured the money he came back to attempt to save his friends. By the time he came back, the car was sliding off the bridge. Swoosh! The bumper of the car swung up and hit John in the face as it fell into the river. John and his friend Helena were rushed to the hospital, Helena was put on life support as soon as she got diagnosed. John woke up in the hospital with a 1 inch stitched gash on his forehead, He sobbed like a newborn baby and ask ¨what happened to me? Are my…

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  • What Causes Death In America Essay

    strokes are the top three causes of death in America. They account for sixty-six percent of all deaths in America. There are many things that cause death, but what is the main cause of death? First, what is death? Death in short means to no longer be alive. In the medical profession there is some debate about what is considered dead, mostly when considering organ donors. As for now the legal standard of death is to die and be pronounced deceased or “The UDDA also recognizes whole-brain death --…

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  • Narrative Essay On Margax's Death

    and left town. It was only after countless sleepless nights that Tom came upon the morphine pills prescribed to Margaux; a feudal attempt to dull the pain of oncoming death. In order to desensitize his own trauma, Tom ingested the pill, seeking to evade the emptiness that slowly filled the space occupied by love. Margaux’s skin now dangled from her skeleton, while the sun only provided motivation for the overwhelming migraines. The darkness inside the apartment now mimed the aura of the…

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