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  • George Polya's Ability To Make History In Our Family

    got his certification in teaching, but he did not feel a strong connection to it. George later on went back to school for philosophy and was counseled by Bernat, a philosophy professor, to take additional courses: Math and physics. During this time George found himself interested in Mathematics; he stated, “I thought I am not good enough for physics and I am too good for philosophy. Mathematics is in between” (qt. in Ramirez). With the help of Bernat, Polya was able to gain a doctorate in Mathematics. He was able to work next to famous mathematicians where he gained knowledge that helped him in later years. Polay became one of the most eminent mathematician. He expanded the definition of mathematics; probability theory, geometry, combinatorics, algebra, and problem solving. Before he started working in Stanford Polya wrote his best seller book, How to Solve It. Although he had difficulties in getting his gem published, in 1945 Princeton University Press agreed on publishing How to Solve It. The book was initially written in German, but later was translated into twenty-one other languages. In this book Polya described the 4 steps for problem solving: understanding the problem, devise a plan, carry out the plan, and review. In the first principle, Polya gave questions to teachers so they could ask. The questions were meant for students to stop and think first of the real problem. A question that Polya suggested to ask to students was, “What are you asked to find or show?”…

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  • Statement Of Purpose In Electronic Engineering

    technological developments in the present world.  I attended another workshop on “Image Processing” conducted by Technophilia Systems in National Institute of Technology (NIT), which taught me basics of processing images using MATLAB coding.  I have taken part in a national level project expo, ANVESHANA 2K15, conducted and organized by Agastya, an international transformative educational foundation. The organizers selected 20 out of 150 applicants, among the selected I was fortunately one. …

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  • Sudoku Research Paper

    addition to the publishing of Sudoku in the Daily Telegraph in 2005, only added to the considerable stature Sudoku was building in the gaming world (Delahaye, 2006; Hayes, 2006). The popularity of Sudoku continues even until the current day, even in the mathematical world. Researchers have been closing in on the puzzle, making it the "subject of mathematical scrutiny" (Hirst, 2016, para. 2). Sudoku is being shown to have strong connections to areas in logic and graph theory, with particular…

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  • Personal Essay: Extracurricular Activities Or Work Experience

    completed forty-page packet of all the most rigorous second grade math problems to solve in exchange for a third grade textbook. Within the week, I returned the packet to her utter shock. Soon after, I received my green, hardcover textbook, a book that I would study independently– both at home and at school– for the rest of the year. I loved that textbook. This passion for mathematics and independent learning has remained in me ever since, and it has allowed me to transcend the obstacles…

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  • Takraw Teamwork Essay

    Learning Combinations Through “Sepak Takraw Teams” Rarri Bian Ryandi Department Magister of Mathematics Education, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Sriwijaya University, INDONESIA. Somakim Department Magister of Mathematics Education, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Sriwijaya University, INDONESIA. Ely Susanti Department Magister of Mathematics Education, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education,…

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  • Machine Perception Essay

    (3 semesters) and Electromagnetic Waves (2 semesters). During my teaching, I realized that many senior students were struggling analyzing the data for their theses. So, to give an advanced training in programming to the senior students, I proposed and developed a course on Numerical Methods, which is currently included as an interdisciplinary optional course in the university curriculum. I also taught that course for a semester. I also won the best instructor award, voted by the students, for…

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