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  • A Summary Of Stalking

    once said, “There’s a fine line between support and stalking,” yet many seem to be crossing this line as 3.4 million people report being stalked every year (J. Whedon, 2014). There have been a rise in incidences of stalking within recent years, however, due to this sufficient increase; more attention is being called to this serious issue. While stalking is an important topic for discussion, before we can form an opinion on this matter, we must first fully comprehend all of the information and background concerning stalking. In this paper we will analyze and discuss the problem of stalking on several levels including defining what stalking is and what constitutes as stalking; where stalking occurs on a local, national, and global…

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  • The Importance Of Internet Stalking

    For centuries stalking has been a crime that has left victims without mitigation and terrified for their well being. Stalking has materialized as a criminal activity legally and socially, requiring legal theorists, government agencies, and communities to identify ways to protect victims and punish perpetrators. The current technological era has enabled stalkers to use new mediums to casually torment their victims. The First Amendment’s freedom of speech provision has also inadvertently protected…

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  • The Stalking Law: The Cause Of Domestic Violence

    Domestic violence is when one partner tries to establish power or control over the other causing the person to feel intimidated. (Safe Horizon, 2016) In 1994 the VAWA focused on issues such as domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. It caught the attention of policy makers, communities, crisis prevention specialists, and criminal justice professionals. The stalking law is good to have just because stalking was reported more and more over the years. It helps the victims when they are…

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  • Stalking And Prevention Of Domestic Violence (DV)

    offence has or has had a domestic relationship. DV is a serious issue that is affecting families and the lifestyle of some individuals. Some of the legal and non- legal methods in resolving issues of DV are ineffective, as they do not achieve safety. There has been legislation in place to reduce the amount of DV and many other support services and programs that raise the awareness and help victims of DV. Legislation does not protect women enough in the case for stalking. Stalking is watching…

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  • Stalking And Intimate Partner-Violence Laws

    Over time there has been many changes concerning stalking and intimate partner-violence laws. The first law regarding stalking was passed in California back in 1992, (U.S. Department of Justice, 1996). Before 1992 there were no legislations regarding stalking meaning one could stalk a victim and not face any charges. In addition, intimate partner-violence was a norm where men were legally allowed to beat or “discipline” their wives if they acted a certain way/dishonored their husband. Over the…

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  • Social Media's Negative Impact On Teenagers

    jeopardy by inexperienced and rash clicks of the mouse.” An additional problem for teenagers and social media is they share too much information online. “One of the big problems with social media sites is that the children often do not fully read or understand the privacy settings of their accounts. They are unaware of the risks of disclosing unnecessary personal information. According to a recent survey, 20% of the youth think it to be perfectly safe to post their personal information and…

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  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

    changes to the way the judicial system reacts to the crimes against women. VAWA also was to establish an inter-professional collaboration between the judicial system, social services, and non-profit organizations to respond to domestic violence, sexually and or physically abused and stalking victims. VAWA granted funding for crisis centers for rape victims and counseling services for domestic violence victims. The law also granted protection to abused immigrant women and their children…

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  • Victims Of Harassment Analysis

    Harassment is a crime that can range from minor to extreme. Harassment can be verbal, physical, emotional, stalking, or now, online. This crime is often under reported and statistics can be misleading. Victims of harassment vary from the unfazed to the severely traumatized. Courts can easily become overwhelmed and burdened with minor issues and harassment has typically been found to be a nuisance crime. However, the courts have recently began seeing harassment as a gateway crime to assaults…

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  • Shoplifting And Labeling Theories

    behavior is not acceptable in society. This explains why the statistics show that juveniles are responsible for the majority of shoplifting as those who fit into the limited offender category will not continue the behavior into adulthood. Society could potentially curb the number of shoplifting incidents by spending more time and money educating youth about the harms and consequences associated with shoplifting. Shoplifting would be one step closer to being eradicated everyone was adolescent…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Cyber Harassment

    The term cyber harassment is normally used when adults are involved” (, 2015, para. 2). Cyber harassment happens in many ways, unsolicited posts and comments on social media sites, emails, texts, graphic images and posts directed at the victim, and instant messaging as well. Other different types of cyber harassment are; hate speech, sexual or pornographic content, self-harm, identity theft, intellectual property theft, and lastly cyberbullying (, 2015, para. 4) Cyber…

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